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Another beautiful Disney galley is coming this Saturday from Cyclops Print Works, Oh My Disney, and Gallery Nucleus. This time the theme centers around animated tv shows- the ones from our childhoods and from present day. There is a ton of talent being brought to this gallery and I am really excited to get to share some of it with you.



Artist : Grace Kum – @kum_grace

Size : 11” x 14”

Technique : Digital

Officially licensed by Disney

Grace Kum has given this such a nostalgic feel that really represents this show perfectly. Many afternoons were spent watching this show after school and I love that it is getting such a beautiful treatment.


Artist: Tom Whalen – @strongstuff

 Size : 12” x 36” Technique : Serigraph | 12 colors

Edition Size : Limited Edition of 195

Features : Hand – Numbered | Varnish Finish | Authenticity Seal

Paper: Iced Silver 300 gsm Printed by : Cyclops Print Works

Officially licensed by Disney

The Magica De Spell Ducktales piece by Tom Whalen pays respect to Magica’s voice actress, the late June Foray. A woman of MANY voices (my personal favorites are Grandmother Fa in Mulan and Lucifer the cat in Cinderella) and an unforgettable gem in the voice acting community. There will also be a Flintheart Glomgold version of this piece with the same run size and featuring a different color scheme. This show was one of my very favorites growing up and I love Toms work so it’s a a real treat to see them brought together.


Artist: Nicole Gustafsson – @nimasprout

Size : 9” x 12”

Technique : Acryla gouache and ink on wood panel

Officially licensed by Disney


This stunning piece is by the lovely and talented Nicole Gustafsson who continues with a trend that I adore- including this piece her last 4 Disney collaborations (2 paintings for Ratatouille and 1 for Great Mouse Detective) have featured rats or mice. The details in all the characters and that they are in action is such a great take on this dynamic team.

This original, the 2 posters above and many more will be at the opening of the gallery on Saturday night at Galley Nucleus.

You should also expect to see artwork featuring these fan favorite animated shows:

Darkwing Duck

DuckTales (2017)


Gummi Bears

Gravity Falls

Lilo & Stitch: The Series


Tangled: The Series

Timon and Pumba

Tron: Uprising

Big Hero 6: The Series

Star Vs The Forces of Evil

Pickle and Peanut

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