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Judging from this week’s results, I imagine that many people are going to be up in arms that Ken Taylor’s Halloween is officially out of the running for the Mondo Fan Favorite print of 2012. The fans have voted and 20,000 Leagues is the print that clearly received the most love. The good news for Taylor however is that he is guaranteed a spot in the Final Four.

Taylor’s Drive (his third print being represented in the Elite 8) continued to prove that fans really love this print by ending up in the closest battle of the week, but in the end was barely edged out by Tyler Stout’s Avengers.

This is just a gut feeling on my part, but I feel like Horkey may be poised to make a strong run at the title. It appears that at least a few people logged on with the sole intent of voting for his Lord of the Rings print and didn’t even bother to vote for anything else this week.

Here’s how this week’s vote tally broke down:

Final 4 Stats

Tyler Stout is looking good as he enters the final four with two prints competing, one in each conference. Both his prints face stiff competition this week however and will need votes from his fans to try and make in to the finals. I can’t even predict at this point how things will shake out except to say that I really feel like Horkey has a lot of support going into the next round. Who do you predict we will be seeing face off in finals next week?

With the 2012 bracket soon to be in the books, it’s time to start finalizing the 2011 bracket as that race is just around the corner and set to kick off on May 6th.

 Here’s Your 2012 Mondo Final Four…



2012 Elite 8

2012 bracket Final 4

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