Bottleneck Gallery Presents: Gizmos and Gadgets


Once again the Brooklyn, New York gallery is ready to open their first 2013 show this week. Bottleneck Gallery is proud to bring us “Gizmos and Gadgets.” 

The show starts this Friday, January 18th and will end February 3rd. Opening reception will be from 7pm-10pm, with online sales scheduled for Saturday, January 19,th 12pm eastern.

They say that a man’s best friend…. are his Gizmos and Gadgets? Sorry animal lovers but at this show, this new adage rings true.

We are constantly reminded by popular culture that in a time of great need, there is nothing better to have at your side than something conjured up by man.

Each artist will present a piece depicting a Gizmo or Gadget that has shaped our culture in some way, shape or form. Who said being materialistic was a bad thing?
As always a portion of the sales will go to a charity. This time the beneficiary is the amazing the Humane Society with the proceeds earned from sales at the gallery. Last year Bottleneck raised over $4k with 4 shows and the screenings held before the gallery opening.

Take a look at a sampling of the prints available at the show.

Aliens by James Gilleard

Hellboy by Godmachine

Short Circuit by Jay Shaw

Dick Tracy by Ridge

RoboCop by Sam Ho

Inspector Gadget by Dave Perillo

GID Layer from Perillo’s Inspector Gadget piece

Ben Huber

Wallace and Gromit by Andres Lozano

Batmen by Cuyler Smith

Portal Turret by Alex Grobat

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure by 100 Soft

Cig Neutron

Bottleneck Gallery

Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, Bottleneck Gallery is a contemporary art space founded by Joe Bouganim, Josh Harris and Arseny Libon.

The gallery’s main focus is to support all emerging and established artists and to bring them exposure in New York City. In turn, we will be donating a portion of all proceeds from our solo and group exhibitions to a variety of charities.

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