Bottleneck Gallery – Can’t Beat Em, Join Em: The Zombie Show


The crew at Bottleneck Gallery is back with another kickass concept for an art show! I’m sure you can put two and two together from the title, but if not, it’s a badass mofo Zombie Show!

Opening Reception is tonight, Friday, October 5th from 7 p.m. to 10. If you are in Brooklyn, New York, you have to stop by and check this show out. If you are like us and no one near Brooklyn, New York, you’re in luck. Take a gander at small sampling of art that will be on display with the images below. They’ll also release any unsold prints online, Saturday, October 6th, around 12 p.m. est. Check out the official flyer for a full list of artists presenting work. We’re particularly psyched to see Christopher Cox, Clint Wilson, Joshua Budich, Matt Parsons among so many others! If you do stop by, let us know what you think!

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