Behold The Sweet 16 For The 2010 Mondo Bracket


Voting is now live for the second round of the 2010 bracket. Please go HERE to place your votes for your favorite prints!

Round one went as planned. Round two on the other hand is going to be a little bit more interesting.


2010 Bracket


Moss, Stout, and Ansin are coming out of this round looking strong. Taylor still has two prints in the running as well, and Tong appears to be the lone wolf. Not helping matters for him is that he is in the unfortunate spot of having to go up against Moss’s Empire Strikes Back this week. I still think Moss is the heavy favorite, but don’t doubt the loyalty of Stout’s fan. Also, kudos to Ansin for really taking it to his competition this week!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorites as there could be some pretty tight races this week!


Your Mondo 2010 Sweet 16

Conf East Conf West

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