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There can be only one!


One quick note… voting for the third round is now LIVE and you can vote for your favorite prints HERE. Voting will now run until 4:00 P.M. CST every Friday, thus giving me enough time to be able to organize the results and have them updated for you here every Saturday.

It was another brutal week as some highly contested matchups went down to the wire.

Ken Taylor continued to roll, and it appears one of Ken’s biggest threats this coming week will actually be… Ken Taylor! His Halloween print is now facing perhaps its toughest match up yet against another one of Taylor’s amazing prints, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

The biggest blowout of the week goes to Tyler Stout’s Reservoir Dogs as Kevin Tong’s Iron Man just never had a chance in this battle. I don’t anticipate Reservoir Dogs having another easy week ahead however as I predict that its match up against Moss’s Lord of the Rings will be the fiercest battle of the week.


For as tough of a road that Martin Ansin has had to travel this tournament, I’m going to have to say that his Frankenstein knocking out Moss’s Princess Mononoke might be the biggest upset of the entire tournament. Congtrats to Ansin for a victory that I would imagine most people did not see coming this week!

The vote tally this week was somewhat lower than last week, but plenty of fans still showed up to support their favorite prints and artists. Below you will find a complete breakdown of which way the votes went for each match up:


2012 Sweet 16 Vote Breakdown


As we move forward into the third round, I am finding myself beginning to expect the unexpected, and that’s what I have found so great about this process. Best of luck to the five remaining artists who are still battling it out for bragging rights to the fan favorite Mondo print of 2012. Stout, Moss, Ansin, Taylor, and Horkey are all 1st tier tallents in Mondo’s stable of great artists, and anyone of them I feel could be poised to take the 2012 title for Best Mondo Print. Once again, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!



2012 Elite 8

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2012 bracket Elite 8

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