All Hail The 32 Team Mondo Bracket For 2010!


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Give it a minute to sink in just what an amazing year 2010 was for Mondo and its fans…

2010 Bracket

This might end up being the most impressive bracket of the entire competition. It could also simply be known as the Moss VS Ansin bracket. I new 2010 was a big year for Moss, but I didn’t realize how many great prints Ansin managed to put out in 2010 as well. Moss leads the way with 8 total prints representing, but Ansin is just one shy of that number. Here’s a breakdown of the artists and how many prints they have competing:


Taylor took 2012, and Stout walked away with 2011. Smart money says that 2010 will be Moss’s year. The amount of prints he did for Mondo that year actually surpasses his combined work from 2011 to present. That’s pretty damn impressive in my opinion.

There are some great match ups in the first round, far more than brackets 2011 and 2012 had to offer. What do you think is the favorite to take the title? Is there a Cinderella story in the mix? I’m curious to see if Stout fans can help his Star Wars series compete against Moss’s. Either way, Evil Dead is my pick to take the crown.

For anyone not familiar with any of these prints, here’s a complete breakdown of the round one match ups:

Conf East

Conf West


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Thanks for voting, and remember…

There can be only one.

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