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Hey Nerds we wanted let you know that a documentary on movie poster art called Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six has a Kickstarter Campaign just went live today. Kevin Burke and his team will look back at the movie poster art work starting from the 70’s until today. They have interviewed artists from days gone by and also new artists like Jason Edmiston, Justin Erickson, N.E. and Kevin Tong.

I recently met with Kevin Burke while he conducted interviews with some local Austin artists and super-fans. It was a rip roaring good time.

I got an email asking if I wanted to be part of a new feature length film called Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six. Nerdlocker covers a lot of art drops and events all over the country, so I was honored to be included. It is going to be a movie about movie poster art only. We had just started simmering down from the buzz of of Scout Shannon’s Just Like Being There documentary about gig poster art and got really excited about the opportunity to talk about our passion of alternative movie posters.

Kevin and I attended a Mondo gallery opening after his arrival in Austin last month and I could tell right off the bat, he was not only the director of this new film, but also a rabid movie poster fan.

Please take a look at the Kickstarter page and lets help Kevin Burke of Post No Joes Productions get this documentary off the ground.

Here is more info sent to us by Kevin Burke.

“Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six” is a film that explores the world of movie poster art, past and present; the artists who create it, companies that commission it, galleries that display it, and collectors and fans who hang it.

Beginning with the golden age of movie poster art in the 70’s and 80’s we’ll be interviewing a number of high profile art personalities from that era, including legendary film marketing director, Tony Seiniger, the man behind the inception of the original “Jaws” poster.  We’ll be speaking with Andrea Alvin, a long time member of the film marketing community and wife of the late, great John Alvin, creator of such iconic works as the original one-sheets for “Blade Runner”, E.T.”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Gremlins”, and countless more.  Placing a special focus on John and his career we’ll ask the question of where traditional illustrated posters disappeared to, and why.

Moving into this decade, we’ve been interviewing and following several modern screenprint artists, in various stages of their careers, through the process of producing illustrated movie poster art and speaking with them about their influences, their challenges, dealing with studios, print houses, and galleries. We’ve conducted interviews with independent print house Skuzzles to pick their brains about why illustrated art is so important to movie fans. We’ve visited Mondo in Austin, Texas to discuss the enormous impact that they’ve had on bringing illustrated film art back into the limelight.  We’ll even be profiling some collectors of movie poster art and speaking with them about its importance, how to store it and how to frame it (yep. we’re going so far as to visit a frame manufacturer to get an inside look on custom framing movie art).

To top it all off, we’re putting together a one of a kind gallery show featuring a ton of original posters from some really incredible artists.

It’s a hugely ambitious project, but it’s a story that needs to be told.  And we intend to tell the hell out of it.

“Show Us the Goods” Contest
Post No Joes Productions is proud to announce commencement of the “Show Us the Goods” Contest.  In an effort to promote our upcoming film “Twenty-Four by Thirty-Six”, Post No Joes is giving you poster art collectors, fans, and even amateur artists a chance to appear in the film by uploading a 15 second video of you showing off your favorite poster from your collection.  
It can be an official piece of marketing material like a one-sheet, a limited edition screenprint inspired by any film, or even a poster that you’ve created yourself.  Winning submissions will be strung together and played in the film over the end credits.  Simply visit for more information and to upload your submission.
Here are the official screenprints that were created exclusively for the film, only available through the Kickstarter Campaign (the first with a metallic ink variant and the second with a GID variant):
By Paul Ainsworth:
 Matt Ryan Tobin:
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Oh, yeah…and you could be in the movie.

You read right – you could be in the movie. And not just your name in the credits (though we are offering that too). We want to give movie poster fans and collectors a chance to appear in the film. Simply head over to our website – and upload a short video of you showing off your favorite movie poster and we might choose you to be among several of the submissions that appear in the end credits of the film! There’s no pledge necessary, but we can’t make any of it happen if we don’t reach our goal.

So help us out (have we told you how amazing you look today, by the way)! Pledge (I don’t know if it’s something you’ve done with your hair or what, but wow, really, you look incredible)! Spread the word to other fans and collectors, or even just people who complain about how bad modern Hollywood posters are who you think might be interested in something new! Together we can knock this flick out of the park and make the fun, insightful and entertaining exploration of the poster art world that movie-lovers and art-lovers deserve!

Contact Us:

Website –

Here is a short list of who all they have interviewed so far. Fund them and it will be twice as many if not more!!


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