Toy Review: Underground Toys 9″ Talking Character Plush – Boba Fett


I did a report on two of the Talking Plush Clip-Ons available through Underground Toys prior to this, so it is no surprise that I am a fan of them. However, as cool as the smaller plushes are, they actually pale in comparison to the 9-inch talking plush toys also available from Underground Toys.

I recently received the 9-inch Talking Boba Fett Plush from their collection, and I need to just say WOW.

This “Stuffed Action Figure” is simply amazing. It actually speaks three sentences from The Empire Strikes Back. The toy itself is again, as with the clip-on models, more of a comic rendition of Boba Fett, however this does not in any sense degrade the absolute coolness of this toy. I could actually see Mr. Fett sitting on my couch when I come home each day after work, or snuggling up to it when I am laid up, sick in bed.

There are a couple things about it though, should a parent be thinking about getting it for their toddler, that should be noted. This “stuffed pal” has small parts. Meaning, the Blaster Rifle of Boba Fett is a separately-made item that is later sewn onto the main body of the plush. Secondly, the External Targeting Rangefinder has a small wire in it, so that it can be moved and positioned as wished. So I implore parents to use extreme discretion when planning on getting the next tiny Star Wars fan the Boba Fett Talking Character Plush.

Now here is the only drawback I can find, it is not Boba Fett’s original voice. Rather, it is the voice of Temuera Morrison who plays Jango Fett in the Prequels, as well as all of the clones. The voice samples used in this are the re-recordings done by Mr. Morrison, for the Special Edition DVD release of The Empire Strikes Back. The original voice actor, Jason Wingreen, actually had his voice acting parts removed, and Mr. Morrison’s were added in.

I am not slamming the fact that they changed the films, I am rather lauding the fact that they decided to actually keep some of the changes to the prequels flowing in to the original trilogy, replacing Boba Fett’s voice was as important to the fluidity of the films as Anakin Skywalker was.

Here they are:

The original, Jason Wingreen:

[youtube id=”a897FGgDJy8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The re-recorded, Temuera Morrison:

[youtube id=”zDl8g0ZQLdY” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Overall, I still believe and stand by my decision that these talking plush “Pals” should be in every Star Wars fan’s collection. I myself will be purchasing the larger Darth Vader plush; I can only imagine the power within it.

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