Has Star Wars Found It’s Director?


The Wrap is reporting that J.J. Abrams has signed on to direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Almost immediately after Lucasfilm sold the rights to Disney, fans clamored to see who might direct the next installment of the storied franchise and J.J. Abrams originally shot the idea down. His reasoning on being able to do Star Trek, but not Star Wars? He apparently wasn’t a fan of Star Trek and felt he could improve upon it. Star Wars was untouchable. What has changed? Perhaps a Jedi mind trick by the all powerful George Lucas. We can only guess at this point. We do know that Lucasfilm Chief Kathleen Kennedy has courted him for quite some time. Previously we had learned that Michael Arndt with credits including Little Miss Sunshine, Toy Story 3 and Oblivion is set to write the latest Star Wars film. If in fact the rumors are even true. For now though, we can all hope it’s true and more importantly that Damon Lindelof will be too busy screwing up a different film to bother Star Wars! Check back for continuing updates.

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