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Smurfs Movie Review

 Smurfs Movie Review

Like many others, as a kid I was a big fan of the Smurfs. I loved those little blue people, so when I first heard there was going to be a Smurfs movie I was skeptically excited…until I saw the first trailer. That was my first inkling that this was a bad idea, even with Neil Patrick Harris, who I love. Now that I’ve seen the movie, I realize it was worse than I had any idea it could be.

Lets start with the positive, because there was some positive to this movie. The acting was amazing, all except for George Lopez. Usually when you have some of the characters be live-action and some be CG, it leads to very awkward acting because people are not interacting with each other on camera. There were a few moments where real and CG characters were supposed to be touching, but it just looked odd. However, for the most part the special effects seemed so well done that you could actually begin to believe that there were little people there. Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays did an amazing job and you could really believe they were living the story.

So far it doesn’t sound that bad, right? Wrong. The movie was easily one of the worst movies I have ever sat through (and I have watched Vanilla Ice’s attempt at acting in “Cool as Ice” and was able to sit through the whole thing). This movie had one of the worst plots I have ever seen, and some of the worst shots, even for a kid’s movie. You always expect the weird angles and shots in a kid’s movie because it’s trying to keep children’s attention, but this movie took it to a new level of awkward. Some of the worst scenes and worst humor I have ever seen. The worst part is that it does have occasional funny jokes, but they are so spread out that when one does come you feel bitter about it. You can see that they have at least a little bit of a good sense of humor to be able to make a good joke here and there, so why weren’t they able to make the entire movie funny?

If your kids are dying to see this, be a good parent and say, “No.” Bribe them if you have to, because no child, nor adult, should be subjected to this kind of torture. It is that bad. If you find yourself in a theatre with Smurfs on the screen, I hope you have your iPod or a PSP, because you will need some form of distraction to save your sanity. I am giving this a 1.5 out of 5 nerd skulls, and it is only getting that high because of how good the actors did with the crap they were given. Based on story alone it would barely get a .5 nerd skull.

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  • 20 some odd years ago the smurfs were popular…I think they waited to long to make this movie.

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