Taking It Easy At Rose City Comic Con 2018


Sometimes you feel like having a stress free con. I have a tendency to try to pack in as much as I can when going to conventions. There’s so much to do, buy, and see that it can get so overwhelming and you end up not taking in the experience completely. So for this year’s Rose City Comic Con I decided to take it slow. No scouring the internet for every bit of info I can get about what’s going to be there and no binder size list of things to do. I picked one panel (David Tennant) that I had to go to and went with the flow for the rest of the con. With that mindset I woke up fairly early Saturday morning and got over to the Oregon Convention center to get in line for the first panel of the day at the main hall. David Tennant was very energetic and great with the crowd. At RCCC the majority of the large panels are solely Q&A from the crowd. This can be a hit and miss depending on the kinds of questions and the panel guest. Luckily for everyone David was very understanding and game. When one excited con attendee confided that he was her second favorite Doctor, the first being Matt Smith, this could have led to the room growing uneasy. But he laughed it off and made a running joke of standing up and looking in her direction in a triumphant pose every time someone else said he was their favorite. It was great to learn that David had a wonderful time in Portland shooting his film, Bad Samaritan. I also got a great kick out of him asking the crowd what the Oregon Ducks were as he was considering wearing a vintage Ducks hoodie he got at a thrift store in LA for Sunday’s photo-ops. Overall he was a great guest and it was awesome to check off the third Doctor on my list that I have seen at comic cons alongside Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. I hope one day to mark Jodie Whittaker off the list as well.

With my panel a success I headed off to the con floor ready to take in some sights and do some shopping. It was great to have no agenda on the con floor as well. Sometimes things like signings and exclusives can make for a stressful con. While I didn’t find the versions of Ninja Turtle or G.I. Joe from my childhood that I was hoping to pick up this time. But I still had a great time checking out all the booths. I did manage to spend some money on a few very random things and then it was time to go. My plan to return for Sunday was thwarted by unforeseen circumstances so unfortunately Saturday will have to hold me over until RCCC 2019. I can’t wait to take my newfound appreciation for going with the flow to next year’s con.

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