Nerdlocker Movie Review – Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan


“My name-a Borat. I like you. I like sex. Is nice!” – Borat Sagdiyev

Trigger warning for trump supporters. Very Nice!

It’s hard to believe but it has been fourteen long years since Borat’s auspicious debut. To say this character changed pop culture is the understatement of the year. He created controversy in a time when dissension often means the end of your career. Evidence is seemingly a thing of the past. Due process is from a bygone era so for Borat creator and actor Sacha Baron Cohen to not only successfully release this movie but to gain notoriety rather than being shamed into obscurity is a triumph I think not celebrated nearly enough. And now, nearly two decades later he’s back and stirring up a whole new, incredibly massive pile of shit, trump firmly and disgustingly at the top, like a fat, Cheeto dusted, rotting cherry.

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm or by its full name, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan is a comedy at its core there is no question of this. However, as funny as this movie is, and believe me when I say it had me howling at times, it is also a damning glimpse into the horrifying condition of the United States, it’s unreal government and the nuts that back their glorious, traitorous dictator, McDonald Drumpf.

From the rallies to the qanon rhetoric consisting of politicians drinking the blood of children, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is absolutely mind blowing but unfortunately not all that surprising. I guess I would say the surprising part is just how far these people go with their beliefs, as far fetched as they may be (holy shit they are faaaaaaaaar fetched and batshit insane).

As insane as these people are, in the end I think what’s most important is to laugh at the ridiculousness of each immensely awkward situation that Cohen creates seemingly unrehearsed and with off the cuff dialogue. He sings “China-flu” songs, he searches the annals of qanon to learn the “truth”, he attempts to sell his only daughter to Mike Pence (Yes, THAT Pence), he seeks to sacrifice his anus to Mayor Giuliani to protect his daughter, and just generally messes with the less than intelligent bunch of our oh so wonderful, not at all fucked up nation of united greatness.

What makes this such a daring film is Cohen’s undiminished desire to not just push the envelope but to burn it to ashes. He is as fearless as ever and it’s so much embarrassing fun to watch and cringe over. This is a man not afraid to call out the powerful and corrupt on their bullshit in a truly profound and mature fashion, and is also willing to flash his genitals for a laugh. Let’s just say he’s a multifaceted human being not easily contained to one category or another.

We last saw Borat showing off his much improved village thanks in no small part to his great success in the U.S. Oh how things have changed and the great have fallen. In the years following the first film, Borat was shunned by his country for making the Nation of Kazakhstan the laughing stock of the world. He has been imprisoned and forgotten, left to slavery until his inevitable death. With the current administration, and Kazakhstan being a fan of such buffoonery, Borat is given another chance to redeem his nation by giving their glorious and successful tv personality, a literal chimp, to the maestro of morons himself, drumpf. Of course as you may expect, chaos ensues on the unsuspecting public and Cohen probably creates several new lawsuits almost certainly headed his way. It’s a damn laugh riot.

If you are familiar with Cohen’s work you know it’s not for the easily offended or squeamish. He is, as I said, as intrepid as he’s ever been and ultimately I believe his goal is to, in a way, inform and showcase but undoubtedly to create controversy and comedic gold. With Borat Subsequent Moviefilm he absolutely succeeds on all fronts. It’s eye opening, incriminating, crass, unbelievably inappropriate and what I believe to be something as lasting as his previous outing as the inquisitive reporter from the glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Rated R For: pervasive strong crude and sexual content, graphic nudity, and language
Runtime: 95 minutes
After Credits Scene: No
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Sacha Baron Cohen, Maria Bakalova
Directed By: Jason Woliner

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 4/ Acting: 4/ Directing: 4/ Visuals: 4
OVERALL: 4.5 Nerdskulls

Buy to Own: Yes. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video, October 23, 2020.

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