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I think Now You See Me is only part of the title, I think it ends with… and You Will Wish You Didn’t See Me. It is yet another case of an excellent premise executed terribly. In my opinion the only decent film this director (Louis Leterrier) has made is The Incredible Hulk that starred Edward Norton. This same director made the first remake Clash of The Titans, and I think that disaster of a film speaks for itself. Louis Leterrier needs to look at the movies he has made and try to figure out what exactly isn’t working, because other than Hulk I always end up regretting seeing his work. Only a director with this many bad movies under his belt could take a great premise like this, fill it with an excellent cast, and then completely crap on it.

Now You See Me? Is it just me or is this title very forgettable? Unless I looked it up I could never remember just exactly what it was called. Numerous times I called it Now You Can See Me, among some other names, and I sort of took this a sign not to expect a lot and it couldn’t even surpass my low expectations. It’s supposed to be about magic and the wonder that it brings to people’s imaginations. This is completely bogged down by CGI which takes away any kind of real movie magic, pun intended. It takes the question of, “How did they do that?” and turns it into, “A computer did that; I know exactly how they achieved it.” There is no mystery here and a movie about magic should have a lot of mystery so that when the big reveal comes it shocks you. It shouldn’t bore you like this did.


When four extraordinary magicians are brought together to make one act it quickly becomes the biggest magic act in the world. The Four Horsemen, as they call themselves, create a very unique experience that gives back to the audience. They act as a sort of Robin Hood by giving money to the people; the people who have suffered through the hard times that have plagued the country as of late. What all seems random is in fact a very well thought out plan that if carried out perfectly will stun everyone. They have a target in their cross-hairs but who the target may be is unknown. Try to find the answers and you will miss everything, the closer you are the less you’ll actually see. Or rather the more you see the less you’ll wish you saw.


This is just plain boring and with such an impressive cast I don’t understand how that is. Actually I can, it’s poor script writing. The lines these actors are forced to say feel exactly like that, forced and flat. Morgan Freeman’s character talks as if he is a magician that is never off stage, as if he’s always performing. Take away some of the language and his character would fit nicely in a Disney movie. Jesse Eisenberg plays the lead magician and he talks faster than ever, his fast forward button is broken I think. He talks so fast that everyone else sounds borderline slow in the head and you just want to grab his shoulders, look him in the eye and yell, “Slow down!!” Although I don’t think you would be able to get a word in. Isla Fisher just needs to keep being sexy as ever and she’ll be fine. Woody Harrelson is funny as always, but we’ve seen that from him before so nothing really new comes out of him. Michael Caine is a bit of a one trick pony this time around, which is odd and to me that speaks a lot about the weak script. They all do decent enough jobs with what they are given, which isn’t much.


I haven’t seen a climax of a movie this underwhelming in a long time. The big reveal happens and it evokes nothing. The writing felt full of scapegoats; that being ideas that are entirely too obvious but are used because someone simply couldn’t come up with something better. The easy way out was taken often and it all builds up to a lackluster finish. From the first time I saw the trailer I’ve been intrigued, but in the end it was all wasted effort, on my part that is. Their effort on making this wavered more and more as the film progressed and eventually died off. This was made for their paycheck so I suggest that you don’t waste yours on their phoned in movie. Skip it or see it for free if you have the chance. I wanted to like this so much but unfortunately reality set in and I was completely let down.

Rated PG-13 for: language, some action and sexual content
Run time: 116 minutes
After Credits Scene: None
Starring: Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Melanie Laurent
Directed By: Louis Leterrier

Out of 5 Nerdskulls
Story: 2.5/ Acting: 3/ Directing: 2/ Visuals: 2.5

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