Nerdlocker Exclusive! – The Avengers Set Piece Photos!


In our diligent search to bring our amazing fans everything they ask for, we traveled all the way to Cleveland, Ohio to bring you news from the set of The Avengers! Okay, the truth is I happened to be in Cleveland and made sure I found my way down to the shooting location.

So let’s get the obvious jokes out of the way, no Cleveland is not falling apart (at least not in these photos). These are set pieces designed for The Avengers that is being shot in the city for the next couple of weeks.

I just wanted to include a photo as proof that we really are the nerds we claim to be.

The notice posted for the street closure for filming The Avengers!

Road Closed! There wasn’t much activity at all on the street as the filming won’t start for a couple of days. They are still assembling pieces and dressing up the street to Marvel Studio standards!

This building seems to be the focus of a lot of the work. It looked like the original facade had been stripped in order to replace it with the new Avengers’s set pieces.

Seriously, this is not Cleveland’s cityscape falling to pieces. They appear to be large pieces of facade to be placed on the building and presumably blown up! Although they look like real pieces of sculpted stone or granite, they are only styrofoam! They are also incredibly durable as they survived a torrential rainstorm as Cleveland is known to have. Check out the rest of the photos and let us know what you think!

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