SXSW Nerdlocker Review: Lovely Molly


My final SXSW movie to watch was Lovely Molly over at the Alamo Drafthouse. I knew nothing about this movie other than the fact that the preview image looked freaky. Midway through the movie, I made a realization: This movie is five years too late. Everything it is doing has been done already.


A lot of people seemed to enjoy the Paranormal Activity movies. If you want more of the same but in a movie format instead of a pseudo-documentary format, check out Lovely Molly. Personally, I found Lovely Molly to be a rather frustrating experience in that nothing went on during the entire movie. I was hoping that the film would put some kind of spin on the bump in the night genre (I just made that up), but it was more of the same. Saying any more would give the movie away, if you’re still interested in watching it.

Some of the gore was interesting, and there were some bizarre nudity moments. Not all was lost – at least the food and beer at the Drafthouse were tasty. I give Lovely Molly 2 out of 5 Nerdskulls because at least I didn’t fall asleep. If you absolutely loved the Paranormal Activity movies, check this one out. It’s predictable, and you’ll know what ends up happening, but if this kind of movie is your thing, more power to you.

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