Austin Connection Movie Review – Klown


To me it’s worth it if it’s funnier than it is offensive.”

– Sarah Silverman on the art of comedy

KlownKlown is the film for those that found The Hangover to be safe. It’s a comparison I hate to make, if only because this will be the movie that Klown will be compared to ad nauseum over the next month. While The Hangover may have been a recent landmark in the, “I Can’t Believe They Went There” comedy landscape, Klown will be known more in the vein of the, “Are They Allowed to Go There?” school. A modern comedic masterpiece that would make you question your own sense of decency if it were not for the fact that underneath the grossly inappropriate behavior of our protagonists, Frank, Casper, and young tag-a-long Bo, there lies a heart.

Without giving too much away, the film centers around a yearly “Tour de Pussy” vacation that opens opportunities for Casper to cheat on his wife and Frank his girlfriend. Not exactly the noblest of pursuits, but simple enough if not for Frank’s last ditch effort to impress his girlfriend by taking along his girlfriend’s young nephew Bo. To give you any more information than that would do the film and audience a great disservice.

KlownThe beautifully obscene film plays out much like the British version of The Office in its visual style and pacing. Director Mikkel Nørgaard goes out of his way to put you into Frank, Casper and Bo’s journey. As successful as he might be in this endeavor, it also, unfortunately, places you in the lives of two of the most unlikeable characters I have seen on film in recent memory. As funny as the film is, it suffers from a case of douchebaggery of the highest proportions. If you were to run into Frank and Casper at a party, you would go out of your way to stay away from them. Awkwardness would abound.

With that being said, therein lies Klown’s charm. It never seems as if making the audience comfortable is of great importance to Nørgaard. He seems to realize that on the other side of the discomfort, laughter can be found.

This movie is not for everybody and that is a beautiful thing. If you can get past the off-putting personalities that are the films leads, there is tons of fun to be had. I give it 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls.


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