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Review by Shane “Hobo Socks” Miner.

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When Nerdlocker World Headquarters asked if I wanted to knock out a review a new Spanish horror flick I was pretty excited. I am a huge horror fan but outside of Guillermo Del Toro films I am pretty ignorant to the Spanish horror scene. Then I was told the name of the movie, The Corpse of Anna Fritz and with a deep sigh I thought what circle of Hulu B-movie hell was I being sent to.

So I grabbed my pen and pad and hit the play button expecting the worst. I was ready to hate it. But to my surprise after multiple viewings over the next couple of days I found myself warming up to Anna Fritz. And when all was said and done I really enjoyed the movie. It’s not going to reinvent the genre but it’s a solid movie and in the end to me that’s all that counts.

One of the best things about The Corpse of Anna Fritz is that it is not bogged down by an overly complicated plot. First time director Hèctor Hernández Vicens does strong work keeping things simple and streamlined while telling a story that is at its core three friends and their necrophilia shenanigans gone wrong. Yup. Necrophilia shenanigans.


The Corpse of Anna Fritz is light on exposition, and what I mean is they use a minimalist approach with current news audio clips as they roll a gurney to the morgue at the beginning of the film. This provides a lot of the backstory. It didn’t need much more than that.

Anna Fritz was a beloved actress who died. I get it foreign movie, lets move on. Luckily the films editor Alberto Bernad knows what he is doing. We are soon introduced to the main characters. Pau (Albert Carbo) or Creeper Smurf as I’ve dubbed him. He works in morgue. And when he’s not taking pictures of naked bodies he’s doing Nose Candy in the back of the hospital with his buddies Ivan (Cristian Valencia) and Javi (Bernat Saumell), or as I like to call them Douchee Smurf and Javi. As I mentioned this movie moves quick.


Let’s take a second to talk about the acting. Bernat Saumell (Javi) and Cristian Valencia (Ivan) are serviceable. Their characters really are given no arc. Javi is there because they needed someone to serve in a protagonist role just as Ivan was presented as a bag of shit to serve as the clear antagonist. They both served their purpose and acted their roles well. I have no complaints, but neither did much that even after multiple viewings of the film, stuck with me. Albert Carbo (Pau) is sort of a mixed bag. He has a character arc that made no logical sense. For a third of the movie Carbo is in the same category as Saumell and Valencia in that he was in the movie just collecting a paycheck. For another third of the movie he presented himself as an even Creepier Smurf and played his role as the mortician with a subtle quietness. And that I really loved. I would have been so happy if he maintained that for the rest of the movie, but unfortunately for the final act Carbo turned Pau into a winey lap dog to Ivan.

The standout performance without question was Alba Ribas who played Anna Fritz. With her minimal acting other than lying there, was her facial expressions, most notable her eyes. They said everything. For me using just her eyes, Ribas acted circles around the rest of the cast and gave me the ending I was hoping for.

Yes concessions in logic have to be made when watching The Corpse of Anna Fritz but not so much so that its distracting. The movie “is what it is” and the director seems to be fine with it. And in no way do I mean that negatively. The filmmakers know what they are doing and are not using the horror genre to tell a veiled story chock full of social or political commentary (looking at you Birdemic). I appreciate that.

In the end, The Corpse of Anna Fritz is a really good movie that has moments of creepy brilliance. High production value, good directing, and good acting. It made the 75 minute run-time well worth it.

Without hesitation I recommend heading over to Flixfling where the movie is available exclusively and check it out. I don’t think you will be disappointed.

3 ½ Nerdskulls

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