Mondo Gallery Presents: Universal Studios Monsters art show


The Mondo Gallery in Austin is gearing up for it’s second Universal Monsters show opening on January 19. There are a lot of great artists doing work for this show and I’m really excited to see them in person next week.

“Ever since our original Universal Studios’ Monsters show in 2012, we always knew we’d love to revisit it with a handful of fresh, new posters,” said Mitch Putnam, Mondo Creative Director in a release on the Mondo site. “We’ve got a bunch of our favorite artists tackling some of the most thrilling films of all time, so this one is kind of a dream come true.”

Here are a few of the pieces that i’m personally looking forward to…

These beauties are also going to be available:

Be sure to check back here to see more art as it is released and to see our coverage of the gallery next weekend.


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