Marvel Announces Phase 3! Civil War, Ragnarok, & So Much More


We’ve been dooped with “announcements” from third parties before, but this time, the news came straight from the lips of Kevin Fiege at their mystery event today at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles. The Marvel Studios Preseident announced eight films to begin trickling out in 2016 and the audience must have gone absolutely nuts (I wasn’t there but I can assume). Along with some sequel titles like Thor: Ragnarok and the confirmation that they are moving forward with the Civil War story line in Captain America 3, it was announced that a Captain Marvel movie is slated for July of 2018. For any Marvel Comics and MCU fan out there, this news instantly brought a twinkle to their eye. For me, I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities of tying it in with the Guardians Of The Galaxy, who’s sequel was given a release date but no new title. I didn’t know my nipples could become so erect simply from viewing a movie title design.









On top of all that goodness, we got casting news and concept art for the Black Panther movie. Welcome Chadwick Boseman to the MCU family.


For good measure, Marvel threw in a shot of Thanos that’s sure to get everyone stirring in their seats. That is if the two-part Avengers 3 announcement wasn’t enough.


How do you think the next few years will play out for Marvel? Do you think they will continue to break box-office records with each release? Let us know in the comments below and keep up with all your nerdy news at

[Source: MTV, TheMarySue]

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