Mama’s Boys Movie Review: Thor: Ragnarok


I took my sons to see Thor: Ragnarok over the holiday break- here is our breakdown of the movie where “Thor must fight for survival and race against time to prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying his home and the Asgardian civilization.”

Thor by Matt Taylor

(NOTES: “RS” is me, “ES” is my 9 year old and “MS” is my 6 year old)

RS: Alright my boys, what was your favorite part of the movie?

ES: I liked the opening battle and how funny it was. They used their sarcasm.

MS: I liked the end battle. I liked any time they used the Led Zeppelin song.

RS: I’ve raised you right that you know it’s a Led Zeppelin song. I really liked the Valkyrie fight scene with Hela.. frankly anything with either the Valkyrie or Hela. They’re both fantastic.

RS: What do you guys like most about Hela?

ES: Her helmet is really cool. I like the way that is melts onto her and is always different.

MS: Everything! She’s such a cool fighter and strong. She’s a good bad guy.

RS: I agree.. she’s strong and in control. Also, sword hands. Is she your favorite character?

ES: The movie isn’t called Hela: Ragnarok.

RS: We’re gonna have a discussion about your sarcasm later, but i get your point. YAY, THOR!

MS: I like Loki. You never what he’s gonna do. Plus he’s really funny.

ES: I really like Thor and Hulk/Banner together. They’re a lot of fun.

RS: Some people say they’re getting burnt out on Marvel movies. Why do you think people should go see it?

ES: There are a lot of new characters, lots of action, and it’s really funny. The other Thor movie (he hasn’t seen Dark World but this comment holds true for that as well) isn’t as funny as this one.

MS: The bad guy is better than a lot of the other bad guys cause she’s actually bad. And Loki is different in this one. He’s more of a friend like the beginning of the first Thor movie, not like in Avengers.

The kids are right- this is a funnier, fresher Thor than we’ve seen in the past. It makes for a nice change of pace. Other than a small handful of characters, the entire cast is new faces – new heroes and villains, and that makes for a great film and a great set up for bringing the newcomers on board for Infinity War.

Solid 4 out of 5 Nerdskulls

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