Kickstarter Project: Justin Zimmerman’s Made You Look

A lot of kids dream of making a movie. You have the opportunity to help one kid achieve just that.

The young man living a dream is Kian and his movie is Made You Look. It’s directed by our good friend Justin Zimmerman (SMART, Sara’s Columbine, Gothic) with Academy Award winning special effects by genius monster creator Chris Walas (The Fly, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Gremlins).

And here’s the catch, the movie is made! They just need help finishing post-production. In short, all the money raised for this project will go to finishing the film and creating rewards for donors. None of the money goes to reimburse production costs or personnel.

Check out what Kian has to say about his project:

Learn more about the project – HERE


Support the Kickstarter project – HERE

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