Halloween: Recalibration?


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If you have paid attention to the horror genre over the past ten years, you have probably been nodding off at the movie theaters during one of the god awful horror re-makes Hollywood has force fed us. But, once in awhile, there is a film that is worth recognizing, and gives us a little hope for the genre. I am a huge horror movie fan and when I hear or read the word “remake,” I start to tune out the rest of the conversation.

We have been down “babysitter” lane in Haddonfield, Illinois one too many times, and yet again, Michael Myers lives to kill again. Halloween 2015 is happening and it could fall into place if it has the right script and director. The Saw writing team of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have been attached to the newest Halloween film, and rumored that director, Adam Green is in discussions for the job. Green has not confirmed if he is officially signed on for the job, but had some great insight on making Halloween the “right” way:

Adam Green’s interview with Starburst:

Have a good story, good characters, and good actors, and good kills, and shoot it like Carpenter did the first one. Dread, suspense. Hatchet isn’t about dread or suspense, it’s about over-the-top, it’s about ridiculous, it’s about just go-go-go. But HALLOWEEN would need to be handled differently. For me, that’s the HALLOWEEN movie I wanna see. And I wanna see the original mask, the original overalls, and I’d wanna get rid of the cult, the Thorn, and the family. It’s just Michael Myers, that’s it. Give us what we want.

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If this is the direction they want to go with the film, I would be on-board because Adam Green has the right ideas and direction to make a Halloween: Recalibration adaptation. I am not sure what entails in a “recalibrating”,” but I am intrigued to see where it goes. The Saw writing team and a possible director in the near future can kick this film in the right direction. The Halloween franchise has always been my favorite series of the slasher genre and each new depiction stays away from the original John Carpenter theory. The “shape” stalked and killed anyone in his path, which doesn’t mean some popular rapper of the moment (Sorry Busta Rhymes and LL COOL J) going head to head with ole Mikey. The film has to follow the authentic, dark and traumatizing concepts that made the film stand out in the 70s. Another honorable mention would be a driving score, which doesn’t mean remixing Carpenter’s Halloween theme, but using something similar that carries the tone of the movie.

Could this be yet another forgettable remake or will Michael Myers stalk our streets once again? It’s hard to say 100% at this point, but if they keep the momentum going, there may be an extra Halloween treat in our bags during October, 2015.

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