Fright Night Movie Review!


Remakes can be a weird subject for me. Sometimes they’re better than the original, other times I feel they’re unnecessary. Once in a while I watch one, and can really appreciate both. This was the case with Fright Night.

This version of Fright Night was more serious than its predecessor, but still included plenty of humor. Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Charlie Bartlett) plays Charley Brewster, who this time around is a nerd turned popular kid. With his hot popular girlfriend played by Imogen Poots (28 Weeks Later). This twist adds to the enjoyment of the film. Charley’s best friend Ed played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse (SuperBad, Kick-Ass) makes the character far more bearable then the high pitched cackling Ed we get in the original film. Colin Farrell plays Jerry the vampire. He does a good job as menacing intense vampire. If someone begins to put together his true identity, he kills you. A step up from the first film.

Finally David Tennant (Doctor Who) plays Peter Vincent. I haven’t seen him in anything since he finished his role as The Doctor, so i was anxiously awaiting this movie on his appearance alone. He has a show in Las Vegas in this version called ‘Fright Night’ and plays a character that basically makes fun of Criss Angel. Tennant does an solid job, and I really hope this helps him to start appearing in more American movies.

The film takes place in Las Vegas, but was filmed in New Mexico. The director did an awesome job of using local news anchors and newspapers from Las Vegas to help create a realistic feel for locals like myself.

I enjoyed this film tremendously. It is filled with much more gore, blood, and violence than the 1985 version. It’s a much needed change from the glittery day walking excuses for vampires Hollywood has made mainstream in the last couple of years. Bela Lugosi would approve. 4 out 5 Nerd Skulls is what I’m giving it. Let me know in the comments what you guys thought.

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