FIRST LOOK – Solo: A Star Wars Story

We’ve gotten spoiled. In my opinion, The Force Awakens was a great way to reintroduce the world to a new Star Wars, Rogue One was a fantastic ode to the original triology, and The Last Jedi was a nice attempt to reroute our brains on what a Star Wars film should be. Whether you like or dislike and or all of these films, the point is that we get a new Star Wars film to tear apart or place on a pedestal every year!

Now comes the most trouble Star Wars production to date. Directors Phil Lord and Chirstopher Miller were summarily dumped after most of the production had been completed. Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich came under fire as overwhelmed in the role Harrison Ford made famous. And of course Ron Howard was brought into fix the film, but ended up reshooting a large portion of the story. This is not how Lucasfilm makes a typical Star Wars film. I’d even add that my trepidation on the latest Star Wars story increased after my dislike of The Last Jedi. I seriously question Kathleen Kennedy and team’s handling of my favorite franchise.

Just when I thought you couldn’t possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this… and totally redeem yourself!

– Harry Dunne

And I don’t quote that lightly. Seeing the teaser trailer on Sunday, the first trailer on Monday as well as the four character posters, I am all in.

Check out the trailer below:

Check out these stills from the production:

Let us know what you think so far!

Solo: A Star Wars Story open in U.S. theaters on May 25, 2018.

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