The Fantastic Four Cast Announced!


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Here we go!


Miles Teller – Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic

Kate Mara – Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman

Michael B. Jordan – Johnny Storm/Human Torch

Jamie Bell – Ben Grimm/Thing

So what do we now know about The Fantastic Four? We know Josh Trank is quite the liar. Most of the names had been leaked and/or accurately speculated for quite some time, all to Mr. Trank’s denials. But that’s to be expected. And it keeps our jobs interesting.

Beyond that we can see Josh brought along his Chronicle actor Michael B. Jordan to play Johnny Storm. I love this because Michael is a great actor. Of course the first question that pops up for any diehard Fantastic Four fan is, how can Johnny Storm be black and his sister Sue be white? I don’t care. Tell me a great story and the whole damn cast can be aliens instead of turtles. Oh wait, wrong movie.

I joke, but seriously, the cast they have put together here is quite impressive. I truly admire Jamie Bell as the Thing. His debut in Billy Elliot was incredibly admirable and emotional, providing inner turmoil for a kid in a blue collar English town. Although Jumper was never joining to win awards, he proved extremely adept at being volatile and edgy in his role as Griffin. I really think he can provide both the brute strength and show off the inner demons of Ben Grimm. I equate this news to Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. Wasn’t sure how that would play out and it worked beautifully.

I’m intrigued and curious about the casting of Kate Mara for Sue. Not that I think she can’t pull it off. I’m just curious on how they plan on portraying her character. Nothing against Jessica Alba, but that wasn’t Sue. I do think Mara has the acting chops to put more emotion behind the character as she truly is the anchor to this team.

Last of all we have Miles Teller as Reed Richards (which they spelled as Reid on, you go guys). In all the news, this one boggles my mind most. Again, not because he can’t do it, but because Reed is the most serious guy in the group. Yet the actor playing him is best known for his over the top comedies, like Project X, 21 & Over and That Awkward Moment.
Only because this movie is in the hands of 20th Century Fox do I continually doubt anything that could possible be a good movie, but I do like the cast and trust in the director. Here’s hoping Simon Kinberg can put together a great script, more along the lines of Sherlock Holmes versus his X-Men: The Last Stand.

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