Double Feature #64 with Cake Blissken


Welcome back for more!

Meow, If you’ve got nothing better to do, head on over to your last local video store, search your favorite legal or illegal online subscription movie sites, check your personal DVD or VHS collection, and track these bad boys down. Meow, grab some delicious and/or nutritious sweet or sour treats, a refreshing beverage, a nice cozy blanket or significant other, and most importantly…stop looking at your cell phone and pay attention!!!

“Your son has quite an extraordinary talent. I don’t think you realize how extraordinary it is.” Although time separates these two stories, being isolated for too long with evil forces may cause family tension with Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining and Robert Egger’s The Witch. Look for the following: a lantern, lots of blood, an Amoco Oil poster, a red hooded cloak, The Gold Room, Black Phillip, red lipstick, toy cars, and a vanishing baby. “We will conquer this wilderness. It will not consume us.”

Bonus Play: Add Room 237 for an interesting stab at the different hidden meanings of the Shining film.

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Cake Blissken

Cake Blissken AKA: James Rheem Davis is a part-time Graphic Designer (, Film, Music and TV lover, holder of useless information, Condom user and Defender of the Night.