Double Feature #56 with Cake Blissken


Welcome back for more!

Meow, If you’ve got nothing better to do, head on over to your last local video store, search your favorite legal or illegal online subscription movie sites, check your personal DVD or VHS collection, and track these bad boys down. Meow, grab some delicious and/or nutritious sweet or sour treats, a refreshing beverage, a nice cozy blanket or significant other and most importantly…stop looking at your cell phone and pay attention!!!

“Welcome to Fright Night…For real.” Here are a couple of teenagers trying to convince their moms that vampires really do exist! So let’s protect ourselves with some garlic necklaces, holy water, sharpened wood stakes, and get ready with Joel Schumacher’s The Lost Boys and Tom Holland’s Fright Night. Look for the following: A mustang fastback with a bad paint job, a rocker from the burbs, red glowing eyes, death by stereo, Al Bundy’s neighbor, and the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. “Holy shit! It’s the attack of Eddie Munster!”

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