DC Direct’s Arkham Asylum Batman Review!

Check out our very first toy review of DC Direct's Batman from the acclaimed Arkam Asylum video game!


Holy delayed release, Batman!

Arkham Asylum came out in the summer of 2009 and here we are in 2011 finally getting our first taste of the Arkham Asylum action figures. That is a little too long in my opinion, but sweet giblets was it worth it!

Looking at him standing on my desk dwarfing my other members of “Batman Incorporated,” he has quickly become my favorite figure of the line up.  He stands just over 7” tall, a full inch taller than his Dark Knight Movie Master counterpart and is one of the greatest batman figures I have ever seen.

Now, the joints baffled me. It has a range of motion that is more than I expected and less than I expected at the same time. Shoulder, hips, knees and elbows were a given because what figure doesn’t offer these? The ball joint in the shoulder was a nice touch that I haven’t seen enough of and the ball joint at the base of his head gives Bats a nice range of motion that George Clooney wished he had on the set of “Batman and Robin”. (rimshot) As great as these two features are, it doesn’t make up for one gaping problem with this figure….

Batman has carpal tunnel syndrome! How do you expect him to ever grasp his Batrope when his wrists don’t move?! This problem is further exemplified with his fused ankles! His boots and gloves rotate, but unless you pose him standing at attention guarding Buckingham palace, you’d better invest in a good figure stand for those legendary action poses you want to set him in!

Batman comes equipped with his weapon of choice, the iconic Batarang and I am fully CONFIDENT that I will lose it before long. It is a good replica of those in the game and it folds like any good batarang should, but there isn’t a place to keep it other than Batman’s hands. If you are like me, you should probably just put it in a Ziploc baggie and hide it under your bed for the time you’ll actually use it.

On the left side of Batman’s torso, just underneath the arm, is some sloppy brushwork, this might just be my figure, but I’d still check it if I were you. All of the other “rivets” in the figure are perfect however. My biggest quip with this figure is that Batman looks like he spends a little too much time in the sun. His face under his cowl is a weird orange tan, and his lips are a little too defined as if Bruce Wayne hangs out with Snooki and The Situation when he is not fighting the scum of the Gotham underbelly.

All of that aside, this is a phenomenal figure and I can’t stop staring at the amazing sculpt. This will be a welcome addition to any Bat-fan’s collection! I paid $20 for him and have absolutely no inkling of buyer’s remorse. Go out and support your local scene and pick one up from your favorite neighborhood comic book shop today!

Check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery below!

Batman is helpless against Killer Croc!

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