Cake Blissken Haunts The H40 Convention


Me and a little thing called the H40 Convention…..

40 years ago a little horror movie was born. It was called Halloween and it was a low budget film hoping to succeed in a big budget world. It didn’t at first, but the little engine that could, kept on chugging up that steep hill.

Over time, a few positive reviews from relevant movie critics and word of mouth, set off a murderous rampage of movie ticket tearing across the world. It became the highest grossing independent film in cinematic history at that time.

If you’re reading this, you know the story well. In 1963, a young boy named Michael Myers, wearing a clown costume kills his older sister on Halloween night, gets institutionalized and waits 15 years to escape, only to kill again on Devils Night. His pistol packing psychiatrist is hot on his trail. No one is safe in the quiet little town of Haddonfield, Illinois, especially baby sitters.

What followed was a franchise that featured one of the most terrifying killers ever and a soundtrack that put a chill in your bone every time you heard it. As we approach All Hallows’ Eve 2018, a very cool dude named Trevor Collins decided that after a 35th Anniversary Convention of the original film, the fans would settle for nothing less than an epic 40th Anniversary Convention.

So, on October 12th -14th, 2018, Trancas International Films and Horror Hound Ltd. teamed up and held it at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, California.

It featured cast and crew members from all the Halloween movies, as well as merchandise vendors and artists selling a lot of Halloween art and other cool things horror related. Unfortunately, director John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis were not on hand for the event.

But, if you are a fan of any of the Halloween movies, there was plenty to be excited about.

This event was absolutely amazing for me. To see so many of the cast under one roof really got me fired up. I was fortunate to be part of HCG’s booth having contributed some new Halloween art.

Next to us was the lovely Stacey Nelkin and Tom Atkins from Halloween III. I had the privilege to be Stacey’s personal picture taker for a lot of the event.

It was a little surreal walking the aisles and seeing all the actors who played such iconic characters in the movies I have loved for years.

A favorite of mine was PJ Soles, who was very sweet and totally cool! C’mon people…Riff Randell in the house! Nick Castle, the original Shape and his successor Dick Warlock drew long lines, as well as Sandy Johnson who played Judith Myers making a very rare appearance.

It’s arguably one of the few horror franchises that could have a reunion of this size after 40 years.

Overall, it was an epic event and every Halloween fans dream come true. Great people and killer times! Please check out my photos below. Here’s hoping everyone makes it to the 50th!

Check out the weekend for yourself:

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