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What do the websites Hulu, Netflix, and Crunchyroll have in common for someone like me? ANIME!!! Not only do I get legit access to some of the best anime titles out there, but Hulu and Crunchyroll allow me to watch Anime pretty much the same time as they come out in Japan. More so with Crunchyroll as they are simulcast to what is showing in Japan. Most of the Anime on these websites are subtitled, but truthfully I’d have it no other way. While the English dubs have gotten a whole lot better than they were years ago, and the voice actors they use are actually great and match the characters they portray, showing actual range to the story being told, I still prefer subtitles on a majority of the Anime I watch.

I’m a subscriber to all three of these streaming websites, but hands down Crunchyroll does it best. You can watch it for free as long as you don’t mind commercials during your stream, but for a membership fee you can skip all those commercials and set up a “queued” favorites that tracks what you watch and bookmarks your progress. It also has simulcasts  that are pretty up-to-date and a strong back catalog. Hulu has a really large catalog of Anime, but even with the fees associated with Hulu Plus, you still have to deal with commercials, which is a real bummer especially since most of those commercials happen at the best times of the show you are watching. I will deal with some of those just because Hulu Plus has some great Anime that can’t be found on the other two. And finally, Netflix…. once my favorite source for Anime. It is now my third choice and only kept around for other reasons besides Anime and its “Netflix only” content (especially with rumors of a Star  Wars content exclusive). No commercials on Netflix, but poor Anime catalog of legacy titles.

Attack_on_titan On another note, guess what Anime is finally coming to Cartoon Network’s Toonami line up on Adult Swim??? Attack on Titan!!! It’s about time they show a fan favorite Anime that not only kicks ass but also shows a darker story that’s sure to inspire some nightmares. Based on a Manga by Isayama Hajime and called Shingeki No Kyojin in Japan, this Anime by Wit Studio and Production I.G. is a pretty straight adaptation to what happens in the Manga. Usually I’m not a big fan of anime adaptations of Manga, as they either totally drag out the episodes forever and introduce the most horrible thing into the world to prevent the story from catching up with Manga (called “fillers” like in Bleach and Naruto), or they totally make the Anime a completely different thing than the Manga, deviating from the source material as they did in Full Metal Alchemist (the first one) and Trigun.

Attack on Titan is a different story though. It faithfully follows the Manga to the point that the first season covers the current story. Beautifully animated and full of detail, this series visualizes perfectly each scene and movement that the Manga just can’t convey. The story follows a series of people, primarily teenagers Eren and his foster sister Mikasa, who live in a world that isn’t theirs anymore. Humanity is on the brink of extinction and lives in walled-off cities that consist of three distinct interior walls separating each other by region and class. These walls are meant to keep out humanity’s greatest threat…..the Titans. These giants are numerous and appear human-like. They are rather unintelligent beings with goofy faces, big mouths and no distinctive genitalia (we know this because they are naked), but seem to only eat humans and take great pleasure in doing so. One hundred years have passed and humanity lives peacefully in these walled cities only to have their worlds turned upside down with the unexpected appearance of “super” Titans, who destroy the wall and allow normal Titans To enter the city and make quick work of the people… including humanity’s military forces, which consist of special soldiers equipped with anti-Titan 3D maneuver gear to swing and fly around areas through hook-like mechanisms in order to get close and hit the Titan’s only weak spot (the back of their necks)…..  This event leads Eren and Mikasa to witness a devastating moment in their lives and embark on a journey to destroy all Titans and join the military. All of this happens in the first episode and if you think that’s a plot twist, wait until things start to unfold and lines get crossed. I imploye you to not only watch Toonami and hope they show all the graphic scenes the Anime shows, but also watch Attack on Titan on Crunchyroll or Hulu and see what all the hype is about. As trends go, Attack on Titan is high up there and at 25 episodes you’ll be begging for a second season in no time, or if you’re like me you’ll be reading the Manga to see what happens next!! I definitely give this anime a 4.8/5 Nerdskulls and is a must watch addition in any format.


Review written by Ben Dionio:

I was born and raised on the island Guam, which is the farthest US territory in the Pacific. I moved to Vegas 12 years ago and now consider this my new home. Robotech and Transformers were my gateway drug into the world of Anime and I grew up watching more and more of it, even if I couldn’t understand what they were saying (before subtitles and dubs). Besides that I love to read Manga and comics, play video games, and enjoi driving my Subaru and modding the hell out of it. I’m also a big Star Wars fan, love collecting toys and putting together Gundam models. My one goal is to introduce all my nerdiness and pop culture to my baby daughter as she grows up!

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