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For this edition of Anime Avenue I’ll be featuring Noir. This story follows two female assassins who embark on a journey to uncover their past. In the beginning, Mireille Bouquet, a hitwoman living in France, gets an email from a young Japanese girl named Yumura Kirika. Yumura is an amnesiac who can’t remember how she got her amazing abilities to kill. At first it seems that the two ladies have pasts that don’t intersect, but they eventually uncover a past that is closely connected. Their journey takes them around Europe as they follow a secret organization named Les Soldats (“The Soldiers”) that seems to hold all the answers and are making it incredibly hard to unearth the truth.

I really enjoyed this show because of how creative it was. For instance, the music is amazing throughout every episode; it really helps the show flow very well. Contrary to that, I found the animation at times to look quite dated. It’s not surprising, considering that Noir was released in 2001. It’s hard to compare anime from a decade ago to today, but if specific elements are good enough, like the story, they can be worth revisiting. Noir has some scenes that are really good and some that are just okay, but what really makes the series note-worthy is that Starz has green lit a live-action version that will be produced by Sam Raimi. There is truly a possibility here for greatness. I’m definitely excited to be able to watch the anime and then watch the live-action show. I give it 3.5 out of 5 Nerdskulls.

Here is a little taste of Noir with its trailer:

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