Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Okay, no scary German guy type trailer sites anymore! Here’s the real trailer, approved and all!

Personally, I thought the teaser for The Dark Knight was much better. And it showed even less.

What do you think?



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  • The shots of Bane looked awesome and seem to indicate a much more central role than I would have thought, which is good news.

  • I just hope this won’t be like Spider-Man 3 with all the super villains that are in it.

  • Perfect teaser they show just enough but not allf it was new & it still made the trailer rock, Tom Hardy got super huge to play Bane, seems like he’ll be smart & not saying his name the whole time…. damn you Batman & Robin. that tease at the fight between batman & Bane at the end of the trailer looked sick. hopefully we’ll get some shots of catwoman soon.

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