March Nerdness 2014: Sci-Fi Edition! – Sweet 16


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Sweet 16
Sweet 16

Round two saw some more brutalitly as Darth Vader, father of the year, defeats his own daughter. Similarly, The Doctor, who goes through companions like cheap tissue paper, discards the lovely Amy Pond. The battle of the ugly alien monsters sees the Xenomorph put the beat down on the Thing. Of the coolest Doctor Who villains, only the Weeping Angels survive as the Daleks and the Silence fall. Seven of Nine’s assets have no effect on the completely rational Spock.  Here’s some of the rationale behind the results of round 2.

The Upsets

The only upset in the Star Trek bracket is Kahn (5) over Worf (4). While both possess super strength, fighting skills, and aggression, it’s Worf’s conscience that becomes his downfall. Kahn simply doesn’t have honor. In Doctor Who, the number two seed Daleks are upset by Bad Wolf. This apparently actually happened, but I had to look it up because I’m still a Whovian newb and I have no desire to watch any episodes with the ninth Doctor. He’s a goon. In Star Wars, Han Solo upsets Yoda. How did this happen? Well if Yoda is so oblivious to Palpatine being Darth Sidious, it stands to reason he might not see Han Solo coming. Han shot first.

The Buzzer Beaters

T-800 edges out Neo. While both characters suffer from horrid sequels, the only good Matrix was the first one. Terminator 2: Judgment Day was actually pretty awesome. Besides, the robot apocalypse in the Terminator movies was much more successful. To satisfy those of you who for some reason seem to think that we should take this seriously and apply some sort of logical argument to a fictional confrontation and determine a winner after taking into account their perceived abilities…..too bad. I like my post-apocalyptic sci-fi dark and full of fatalism not hope-filled messiah imagery and cardboard acting.

whiney anakin whiney luke4Obi Wan vs. Luke Skywalker. Once again, the Star Wars geeks were fired up! Some argued that because in post-movie storylines, Luke is able to master elements of both sides of the force. Others argued that only the film versions could be relied upon for source material. I decided that Star Wars geeks are taking this far too seriously – but that’s what makes it fun. Votes for Obi Wan far outnumbered Luke’s and I’d like to think that it is because we are all sorry that Obi Wan had to put up with two whiney Skywalkers. (No wonder he was suicidal.) Old Ben tells Luke to stop whining and wait in the landspeeder.

SWBloodTiesBobaFettDead1_0Boba Fett falls to Sidious. In the rankings, Boba Fett was a higher seed than Darth Sidious because he’s just cooler. No one messes with the Fett. As much as I wanted to see a Fett and Solo rematch, I just couldn’t rationalize Boba Fett defeating Sidious. Blame George Lucas for giving the Fett such a terrible “death” in Return of the Jedi. You really have to watch out for those blind smugglers when you’re wearing such a sensitive jetpack. Boba gets microwaved inside his armor.

So there you have it –  the results of round two and the set up of the Sweet 16. Like so much Lennon and McCartney, I got by with a little help from my friends on Round 2. You, my fellow nerds, voted for Obi Wan over Luke Skywalker, Kahn over Worf, and T-800 over Neo.  Keep making your voice heard for the Sweet 16 by commenting below or by voting on the Throwdown Thursday posts.

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