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Motor City Comic Con 2013

Meaghan Rath, who plays Sally Malik in the supernatural series Being Human, was kind enough to grant us an interview at Motor City Comic Con. You can hear her charming voice if you click on the clip below and/or you can read the transcript of our interview. Then check her out on SyFy, which has just been green-lit for a fourth season!

Meaghan Rath Being Human

Nerdlocker: What is your favorite part of the show [Being Human]?

Meaghan: Well, I guess my favorite part is how far we push the boundaries of this imaginary world we’ve created. Every season I am always amazed with what our writers come up with and I love that I am able to really explore this character and in turn who I am through her. It’s been really rewarding.

N: How do you identify with a character that’s a ghost?

M: Well, the idea is that we’re not playing it as a ghost or as a vampire or as a werewolf. We play against type. So we really look at who the person is, the character, instead of what the affliction makes them. So I find it really easy to relate to Sally because she is just a regular girl who tragically died too young and is trying to find herself. Ironically she finds herself, gets to know herself better in her death than she ever did when she was alive. She is actually living more now than she did when she was alive, which is fun.

N: That’s cool. Did you ever watch the British version?

M: I only watched the UK one after we shot the first season, so once we’ve established our characters and we were doing something completely separate. We didn’t want to be  influenced by the UK version so we just stayed away from it. Since the first season I have become a huge fan of the UK series. I think it’s amazing and quite different from what we’ve done.

N: How different are the two versions?

M: Well, our first season is very similar because we needed to set the groundwork, establish the characters, and what the show was about. But then towards the end of season one and really once season two happened, it was entirely it’s own show. So, you know these are different characters. We’re in the same situations, at least in season one we are, but we make different choices and we have different personalities that lead story in a completely different place than the UK one does.

N: Last question. Vampires or werewolves?

M: Werewolves. Because there’s a lot of vampire stuff going on.

N: [Laughing because he thinks she’s justifiably slamming Twilight] What do you think of a lot of that vampire stuff going on?

M: [With utmost class and sincerity, Meaghan doesn’t take the bait] I think it’s great! We’re doing something very different, which I think is refreshing. You know what? I’d choose zombies over all of those.

N: I like that answer! I like that answer. Well, thank you Meaghan, for taking time to talk with us. We wish you the best and look forward to season four of Being Human.

If you don’t like to read, check out the audio interview below:

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