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This is a snippet from an interview on BagandBored’s site. These guys are Friends of Nerdlocker, so do yourself a favor and go visit them for all things comic related!

For those unfamiliar with the Internet juggernaut known as NERDLOCKER, explain who you are and what you do.

Nerdlocker is a place for people to go to enjoy topics ranging from comic books to movies to video games and much more. If you tell us about something and we think it’s cool, we’ll cover that too. Don’t get me wrong though, we’re not going to do a series on your favorite pets rocks from the 80’s. We always try to think of what we do in terms of our logo, it’s a place for your inner nerd.

Content is king on the Internet, and NERDLOCKER manages to pull a massive array of nerd culture under one umbrella.  Do you find yourselves having to steer away from focusing too heavily on one subject (movies, video games) to give proper attention to others (Comic books, anime)?

Not at all. We are very lucky in that we started with six nerds who have a wide range of interests which spans over decades.  And since our launch, we’ve only added to the range with increased loyal nerd support. We’ve also found that the news cycles trend, so we may be heavy with movie news one day, but the next we’ll get a lot of press releases about video games. We are not creating news, so we follow the herd in that respect. On the flip side, we definitely try to balance that out with original articles and themed days of the week. We’ve found our Tri-Force Tuesday to be extremely popular. Who would have thought one day of the week, every week, could be dedicated to one game series. And the funny part about that is, the fans demanded it, so we responded. I think that also sets us apart from other sites; we’ll look at the fan suggestions and try to accommodate everyone’s nerdy needs.

NERDLOCKER has been a pretty big hit.  We’ve seen you all over the web, from the iTunes ‘New And Noteworthy’ page, to getting a sweet mention from, and that’s without mentioning the facebook and twitter love.  What do you thinks resonates so well with today’s generation of nerds?

I think being a nerd has become cool and that’s certainly our goal, to push the notion of cool nerds. I also think the word nerd has been redefined.  With the boom of the Internet a lot of the nerdy things we cover have become far more accessible, so there’s a lot less teasing done from ignorance. If you analyze it, the lines of nerdiness have blurred. I’m sure there are tons of athletes, movie stars and “cool kids” who love video games like Black Ops or play fantasy football, two topics which most definitely have addresses in Nerdville. Don’t get me wrong, we still see the Star Wars Kid video and laugh at him for being a nerdy buffoon, but we also see ourselves having done that and realize it’s not that weird. Most of us were just smart enough to do it off camera. But let’s face it, that kid is a celebrity because of his nerdiness.

For the full interview, please visit BandBored’s amazing site by clicking here!

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