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All though Friday was the kickoff to Wonder-Con 2013, it was Saturday that had the biggest influx of visitors as they descended onto the Anaheim Convention Center. Majority of the people coming to visit the convention came on this day. It was pure madness; it felt more like San Diego Comic-Con, than Wonder-Con.
My observations of today’s activities were pulled into so many directions as anything and everything was going on. My first stop for the day was over to interview Stan Lee before his signing, but was immediately told that the interview was cancelled due to the 700+ people that were in line for his autograph. I guess with that many people, Stan’s representatives thought it would be best to manage his time towards the signing since they were 20 minutes late to the convention. Which I might add was cut short due to the fact that 90 year old icon eventually got tired signing so many comics.

I then proceeded to head over to visit artist Nick Dragotta, as he had a signing. For those who aren’t familiar with Nick’s work, he has done artwork for several publishers including Marvel, DC, Vertigo, and Image. With work on such series as Fantastic Four, Marvel Zombies Return, Captain America: Forever Allies, The Demon, Thunder Agents, The Losers, and most recently, the highly anticipated East of West. I for one was really excited over East of West which was just released last week. Nick was gracious to his fans taking the time to chit chat with them, as well as do a video intro for us. (How kind of him, Thanks Nick!)

After meeting up with Nick Dragotta, I quickly sprinted over to Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures panel for the upcoming showcase on summer movie releases but was turned away at the door due to the rooms capacity limit. Dead in my tracks I looked for my next destination which brought me over to meet with fellow nerds Team Unicorn as they had a meet and greet after coming off their recently released “For the Win” music video which garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube.

Later on during the day I had the chance to meet co-writers to the current series of Deadpool, comedian Brian Posehn and former G4tv writer Gerry Duggan. The two funny men were all laughs during their signing. When asked about what drew them to write Deadpool, they responded “Deadpool is perfect for us.” Let’s see, The Merc with a Mouth is animated, says what he wants, and is synonymous for breaking the fourth wall with his snarky remarks and funny one liners. It IS perfect for them.
Though I wasn’t able to interview Stan Lee, creator of iconic Marvel characters like Spider-Man, and super teams like The Avengers and X-Men, I did have the chance to meet him for a photo opportunity. And let’s just say I got star struck, the man is a living legend. The brief moment that was had for the photo was well worth it, he told me that I was immortalized, and he was right! The memory I have with that photo will be long lasting. It was my honor to meet him.


The last event I did for the day was attending a live podcast taping of PodCrash! with former Attack of the Show movie critic, creator of the stop motion animated series FetishVIL and author of Chris Gore’s Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, Chris Gore, He and special guests Americas Next Top Model winner and nerd extraordinaire Adrianna Curry, comedians Yoshi Obayash, Lilit Arvahi and comedic improve group Comic Book Live did their rendition of Star Wars episode VII. And let’s just say between Lando Calrissian and Princess Leia having a secret love child and Han Solo believing that he is the father. It was very hilariously entertaining.

Well that was Saturday’s Wonder-Con festivities, or at least my experience of Wonder-Con. For more information regarding Wonder-Con or if you want to know more about the other Cons, please visit there website site.
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