Nerdlocker’s 3rd Annual Super Happy Terrific Mega Black Friday Giveaway!




Thank you to everyone who entered our annual giveaway! We really do enjoy sharing all the goodies with our fans. Please check out all the artists below and show them your support! And now onto the part you really care about.

Daniel Horton – Leon by Domaradzki, Krzysztof
Joseph Alexander – Fury by Vlad Rodriquez
Justin Talgo – From Dusk till Dawn and Desperado by Matt Tobin Ryan
Patrick Toner – Metropolis Museum and Wayne Tower by Chris Skinner
Jeff Starr – BB-8 by Tim Anderson
Samantha Carbonaro – Eraserhead, Immortan Joe, and Under the Skin by Godmachine
Sterling Marchand – Delahaye by Laurent Durieux produced by Ford Craftsman Studios
Daniel Epstein – Original Sketch by Oscar Romer
Richard Oh – Blade Runner, Twin Peaks, and Brutally Cool by Joshua Budich
Erik Schlenker – First Blood by Gabz, produced by Grey Matter Art
Tobin Faulkner – 30th Anniversary Back to the Future Print by Paul Shipper
Sheridan Burgess – Iron Man and Mad Max Fury Road byPatrick Connan
Ashlee Jackson – SpongeBob Squarepants by Tom Whalen
Ken Zent – The Nightmare Before Christmas by JJ Harrison and Jurassic World by John Barry Ballaran,
Robert Sommerfield – Goonies by Matt Rockefeller and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by James Fosdike
Owen Dos Santos – Night’s Watch and Mach5 by Lyndon Willoughby
Mike Pratscher – Mortal Combat and Grim Reaper by Matthew Johnson
Joey Boatright – Rambo: First Blood Part II by Anthony Petrie
Andy Ortiz – Minnie’s Haberdashery and Original Sketch by Tracie Ching
Andrew Kistner – Back to the Future by Kevin Wilson
Shane Hamilton – American Psycho by Robert Bruno
Emily Macri – Hulkbuster by Casey Callendar
Diane Kaczor – Wonder Woman by Jeff Langevin
Eric Gusler – Captain America/ Iron Man Civil War Set by Kevin Tiernan
Stephen Sutcliffe – Captain America, Iron Man, and Harry Potter by Kent Villeneuve
Lavander Begay – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie by Florey
Anna Stephens – Boba Fett by NE from New Flesh
Travis Haney – Silhouette Print by Jordan Monsell
Jared Wright – Great Pumpkin and Adventure Time by Tim Doyle
Brian Yamamoto – Star Wars and the Seven Dwarfs by Jeff Lewis
Alvin Monzon – Nerdy Birdy Original Sketch by Kat Connor
Steff Raines – House on Haunted Hill by Jonathan Burton
Dominic Fiorini – Disassembled and Tron Uprising by Matt Parsons
Erik Gustafson – The Big Lebowski by Andrew Swainson
Dylan Blair – Old School (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) by Ian Glaubinger
Jon Holman – Jay & Bob, Harley & Joker, and Wonder Twins by Jerrod Maruyama
Gerry Dedios – Craig Drake Volume 1 from Hero Complex Gallery
Graham Malin – Phantasm by David O’Brien
Sal Gualtieri – Brainscan by Moutchy
Alex Table – Star Wars by Ridge Rooms

Congratulations to all the winners! We’ll be contacting you via e-mail shortly. And if you didn’t win this time, don’t worry. We have a ton of exciting things planned in the near future, so stay tuned. Also keep your eyes peeled for some extremely limited edition exclusives coming to you first.

Thank you very much for all those involved! We’ll see you all again next year!


Welcome to our 3rd Annual Super Happy Terrific Mega Black Friday Giveaway! It’s that time of year again. Our main goal for this year was to outdo last year’s giveaway! Take a look at all the goodies below and let us know if we succeeded! Also, please visit the websites and social media sites for the artists and galleries listed below. They are all amazing at what they do and we need to support them.

Delahaye Final Distribute
Artist: Laurent Durieux
WebsiteFacebook | Instagram | Store
Produced by Ford Craftsman Studios
Website | Twitter | More Durieux Travel Posters

Connan_2Connan_1Iron Man & Witness Me
Artist: Patrick Connan
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store


Jay & Bob, Harley & Joker and Wonder Twins
Artist: Jerrod Maruyama
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Store


Rambo: First Blood Part II
Artist: Anthony Petrie
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store


Wonder Woman
Artist: Jeff Langevin
Website | Facebook | Instagram


House on Haunted Hill
Artist: Jonathan Burton
Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram | Store


Like Tears In Rain, Brutally Cool, The Owls Are Not What They Seem – Mini-Prints
Artist: Joshua Budich
Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram | Store


The Professional
Artist: Krzysztof Domaradzki


Artist: Vlad Rodriguez
Website | Twitter | FacebookInstagram | Store

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Artist: James Fosdike

The Goonies
Artist: Matt Rockefeller
Website | Store

Jurassic World
Artist: Barry Ballaran
Website | Twitter | Facebook

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Artist: JJ Harrison
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store

SpongeBob SquarePants
Artist: Tom Whalen
Website | Twitter | Instagram | Store

First Blood
Artist: Grzegorz Domardzki (Gabz)
Produced by Grey Matter Art
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store



30th Anniversary Back to the Future
Artist: Paul Shipper
Website | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramStore



From Dusk Til Dawn and Desperado
Artist: Matt Tobin Ryan
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Metropolis City Museum & Wayne Tower matching numbered APs
Artist: Chris Skinner
Website | Instagram | Twitter | Store


The Big Lebowski
Artist: Andrew Swainson
Website | Twitter | FacebookStore


BB-8 Screen Print
Artist: Timothy Anderson
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store

Boba Fett
(plus stickers and buttons)
Artist: New Flesh
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store


Back to the Future
Artist: Ape Meets Girl (Kevin Wilson)
Website | Twitter | Facebook


Old School (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Artist: Ian Glaubinger
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store


Hulkbuster – Metallic Variant
Artist: Casey Callender
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



Captain America: Civil War – set of 2
Artist: Kevin Tiernan
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Winner’s Choice of Silhouette Print
(image is a sample of Jordan’s work)
Artist: Jordan Monsell
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Nerdy Birdy Collection

Custom Nerdy Birdy Original
(image is a sample of Kat’s work)
Artist: Kat Connor
Website | Twitter | Facebook | RedBubble

Disassembled, Uprising
Artist: Matt Parsons
Website | TwitterFacebook | RedBubble


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie
Artist: Florey
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store



Grim Reaper and Mortal Kombat
Artist: Matthew Johnson
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram



Night’s Watch and Mach 5
Artist: Lyndon Willoughby
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Artist: David O’Brien


Artist: Yannick Bouchard
Website | Facebook


Star Wars
Artist: Ridge Rooms
Website | TwitterFacebook | Instagram | Store


Captain America, Harry Potter and Iron Man
Artist: Kent Villeneuve
Website | Facebook | Instagram


Star Wars and the Seven Dwarfs
Artist: Jeff Lewis
Website | Twitter | Facebook


Original Sketch
(Nightcrawler is a sample of Oscar’s work)
Artist: Oscar Romer
Website | Facebook
(Contact for Commissions)



Minnie’s Haberdashery and Original Sketch
Artist: Tracie Ching
Website | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramStore


Eraserhead, Immortan Joe, Under the Skin
Artist: Godmachine
Website | Store | Facebook | Twitter
(produced as part of a private commission)


American Psycho
Artist: Robert Bruno
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram


Craig Drake Volue 1
Artist: Craig Drake
Website | Facebook

Produced by Hero Complex Gallery
Website | Twitter | Facebook | InstagramStore



Adventure Time and The Great Pumpkin
Artist: Tim Doyle
Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Store

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This will be the Black Friday to remember!

Now for some fine print. Nerdlocker reserves the right to cancel any part of the contest at any time. Only one entry per person. If we find multiple entries, we’ll delete them all for that person. Nerdlocker’s decisions are final when it comes to winning entries. We will make every effort to deliver the giveaway items in perfect condition, but Nerdlocker and our partners are not responsible for damaged or missing shipments. Nerdlocker is not liable for any hurt feelings that may come from not winning. Nerdlocker still loves you. We can only hope you still love us.

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