Nerdlocker’s 2nd Annual Super Happy Terrific Mega Black Friday Giveaway!





Thank you to everyone who entered our annual giveaway! We really do enjoy sharing all the goodies with our fans. Please check out all the artists below and show them your support! And now onto the part you really care about.

Nicholas Domanski – Hero Complex Gallery Mystery Print
Ryan Stogner – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Chris Weston)
James Sawyer – 2 Mystery Prints from Matt Penachi Screenings
Pierce Harvell – Rocket Raccoon and Lil Groot (Derek Collier(
Caleb Davis – Evil Dead (Mayra Fersner)
James Cross – James Rheem Davis Mystery Print
Michael Smith – Planet of the Apes (Todd Slater)
Bryan Rose – Mini Prints by Ridge Rooms
Richard San Diego – The Walking Dead Pop! Vinyls
Imelda Monzon – Joshua Budich T-shirt Package
Darren Priest – Matt Parsons Giclee Package
Yancy Williams – Adam Rabalais Giclee Package
Charles Campisi – Dustin Hoots Giclee Package
Richard Steinberg – Nerdlocker T-shirt Package
Jason Hylton – Slave I (Timothy Anderson)
Robert Fiedler – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Graham Erwin)
Jeff McGuire – Zerobriant Giclee Package
Ben Jillard – Sin City 2 (Paul Shipper)
Bryan Calloway – Star Wars Watercolor Package (Timothy Doyle)
Cole Hague – Night of the Living Dead Variant (Kilian Eng) and T-shirt (Grey Matter Art)

We will contact all winners via e-mail very soon and coordinating shipping as well. On a self promotion note, we have our own sales going on through Cyber Monday (up to 50% off select items)! Please check it out and support your friendly neighborhood Nerds! –

Again, thank you very much for all those involved! We’ll see you all again next year!



Welcome to our 2nd Annual Super Happy Terrific Mega Black Friday Giveaway! Over the years we’ve made a lot of friends in the Nerd world. We recently approached them with the idea of coordinating a huge giveaway to celebrate you, the fans. Luckily for us, everyone came through in spades! Not to be outdone, we wanted to add our own merchandise too! But what could we possible giveaway that would impress our fans? Check out for yourself:

No Disintegrations, Rebel Rebel, Bad Dad
Tim Doyle – Website

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Chris Weston (Artist) – Website
and Kyle Reist (Private Lead Commissioner)

Planet of the Apes
Todd Slater – Website

T-Shirt and Night of the Living Dead – Variant
Kilian Eng – Website
Produced by Grey Matter Art – Website and Twitter


Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For
Paul Shipper – Website

Firefly, Star Trek Into Darkness, TRON
Adam Rabalais – Website and Shop

Disassembled, Uprising
Matt Parsons – Website and To Purchase

Never Forget, Stormtroopers
Dustin Hoots – Website and To Purchase

You’ll Miss Me If You Blink Twice, Rainicorn
Zerobriant – Website


The Evil Dead
Mayra Fersner – Website
Special Thank You to Loren Gy


4 Mini Prints
Ridge Rooms – Website
Special Thank You to Shane Miner


Rocket Raccoon and Groot
Derek Collier


Slave I (Variant)
Tim Anderson – Website

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Graham Erwin – Website and Shop

Mystery Print
(we have no clue what this could be!)
Hero Complex Gallery – Website

He hasn’t even released this one yet, so we don’t know!
James Rheem Davis – Website

WalkingDead_featuredThe Walking Dead, Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon
Funko Pop! Vinyl – Website

BudichGiveawayBrutally Cool and Who Ya Gonna Call?
Joshua Budich – Website

NerdlockerGiveawaySkully Jason, Building Better Grids
Nerdlocker – Website

Not required, but please visit our Facebook page here. If you have not already, “Like” the page. You should also visit our twitter page here and “Follow” us if you are not already. This will keep you up to date on all developments in the giveaway!


Okay, here are some more details. Read carefully. This giveaway is now live and we are accepting entries. We’ll take entries all day for the products above (and perhaps even more). At 6:00 p.m. PST, we’ll close the giveaway down and start randomly selecting winners. Winners will be notified as soon thereafter as we can. This will be the Black Friday to remember!

Now for some fine print. Nerdlocker reserves the right to cancel any part of the contest at any time. Only one entry per person. If we find multiple entries, we’ll delete them. Nerdlocker’s decisions are final when it comes to winning entries. Nerdlocker is not liable for any hurt feelings that may come from not winning. Nerdlocker still loves you.

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