Motor City Comic Con 2014 – Day 2

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Day two in one word: busy. While nothing will compare to last year when Stan Lee was in attendance, there were definitely a lot of people in attendance on day two. Unlike last year, most people were not nearly as disgruntled. I heard people actually fought in the parking lot. But then I also heard someone say that they didn’t like Archer. So I don’t know what to believe anymore.

Regardless, this year there were no fisticuffs – except this one.

Because the crowds were so big today, I knew I would not get the opportunity to interview anyone. So I stood in line for that Karl Urban autograph I promised my wife. I loved the way the staff and volunteers handled the lines for autographs. They gave out tickets so that you could travel about and report back at a later time and jump in the line. It was awesome to meet my man-crush, even if it was only for a brief moment.

I also went to two panels. I bet you can’t guess who was at one of them. Yeah, it’s probably good I won’t get that interview.

Karl Urban
Karl Urban


The other was with Paul Amos and Rachel Skarsten of Lost Girl. I have never seen Lost Girl but I wanted to drop in on this panel because I had read that Skarsten had gone back to school to get a degree in English literature and classic history. The panel did not disappoint. Their banter was very amusing.


Rachel Skarsten
Rachel Skarsten

Finally, I ended the day with the costume contest. Whenever I think that I know anything about popular culture, I go to a costume contest and realize I have no idea about at least two domains – anime and video games. While the contest could have moved forward more quickly, there were some excellent costumes.

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So that was my day two. Busy but fun-filled! (Call me, Karl. Please.)


Cosplay Day 2
Cosplay Day 2

Cosplay 3 Cosplay 2 Cosplay 1

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