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March Nerdness 2013 – Science Fiction and Fantasy

March Nerdness 2013

So it’s that time of year again. In 2011, Wolverine defeated Batman in the very first superhero-themed March Nerdness. Last year, Uncanny X-Force was the champion of the superhero teams. This year I’ve decided upon a science fiction/fantasy theme. The four divisions are Monsters, Magic Users, Robots, and Aliens.

As in past years, selecting the competitors was extremely difficult. I tried to include characters from movies, comics, television, literature, and video games. I tried to please as many nerds as possible, from Whovians to Trekies. I know that there are very deserving characters who didn’t make the tournament but let me explain why I made some of the choices I did and clarify to which version of the character I am referring.

No cyborgs: I had to draw the line somewhere in the Robots division so I decided to include androids but not cyborgs. So any character whose body was enhanced robotically could not be included. That’s why there’s no Darth Vader here and why 7 of 9 is amongst the aliens.

Bender and the Fem-bots: While I agree that these characters differ from the others in the genre from which they hail, I felt that there was room for a little comedy. I couldn’t resist this matchup.
Edward: Have faith in me, true believers. He is facing Dracula for the very reason you would want him to face Dracula.

Pyramid Head: I admit that I am no gamer, but I have to give a nod to all you nerds out there that are. While I’m sure I could have included many more, I hope this one is worthy.

Darth Maul and Yoda: While technically any of the Star Wars characters could be considered aliens I tried to pick the ones that looked the most alien.

While you can Google any of the characters and find out who they are, I feel there are a few that I want to personally clarify.

The Creature – otherwise known as Frankenstein’s monster
Lizard – from Marvel Comics (The Amazing Spider-man)
Dream – from Vertigo Comics (Sandman)
Enchantress – from Marvel Comics (Thor)
The White Witch – from Narnia
Prospero – the wizard from Shakespeare’s The Tempest
Raven – from DC Comics (Teen Titans)
Ash – the android from Alien
Roy Batty – the replicant from Blade Runner based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Sentinel – from Marvel Comics (The Uncanny X-Men)
Gort – from The Day the Earth Stood Still
Gladiator – from Marvel Comics (The Uncanny X-Men)
Jabberwocky – from Through the Looking Glass
Willow – from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Honorable mentions: The Creature from the Black Lagoon, The Kraken, Rancor, Mechagodzilla, Morgan le Fay, Warf, Queen Bavmorda, Maleficent, The Brood, Kal El, Mar-Vell, The Silence, Weeping Angels, The Master, Chewbacca, and Dennis Rodman.

See what the Nerds have to say about this year’s brackets!

So who do you think should have made the cut? Who shouldn’t have? Who should win in round one? Tell us in the comments below and check our Facebook page for your chance to vote on some of the matchups!

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I've been a comic nerd since Spider-man and his Amazing Friends and the Super Friends. So someone please explain to me, when did Aquaman become so cool? Also, why isn't She-Hulk in more media?