Top Five Things We Want to Say Goodbye to from 2014



So we are finally saying hello to 2015 and good-bye to 2014. Here are the top 5 things some of the staff members at Nerdlocker are happy to say good-bye too.

5. Cubby – “Network connection problems for online gaming”B55DkoXIAAIWQPX

This one is a little bit of wishful thinking but I have to agree with Cubby when it comes to this subject. I have worked in the online business for sometime now and it amazes me how bad the security is on triple A gaming platforms. No matter which side you are on, Playstation or XBOX, hacking and bringing down gaming networks is not cool. Go after the CEOs of the company not the 12 year old kid you’re pissed at because he T-bagged you after wiping your whole squad out on Battlefield 4.


4. Chase – “Spider Man movies from Sony!”


Let’s face it, nobody is doing comic book movies better than Marvel right now. Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy killed it at the box office this year. And true, Sony did get the first The Amazing Spiderman right for the most part, but it seems they could not help but to step on their own crank when it came to the second movie.


3. Logan – “Zombies!”


Although I don’t completely agree with this one I do see Logan’s point. Zombies are now turning into what vampires where in 2011. I mean have you seen the Z Nation on SyFy?

Zombies seem to be the gateway drug for non-nerds to break into the Nerdy world. That and Big Bang Theory (God, we hate that show).


2. Rainbolt and Chase – The Discovery and History Channel’s programming


Remember when these two channels were well respected sources of information? I’ll give you a minute…

It’s sad you have to really think about the last time you saw something on either of these channels that wasn’t about somebody in Alaska or was filmed with a bunch of GoPro cameras. I’m a HUGE history nut and when you go to the History Channel’s website it’s pretty damn sad when you look at the line up.


1. Brandon – “Everything that wasn’t Guardians”


Finally to end my list, words from Brandon…. Marvel set the bar even higher in 2014 with the release of Guardians of the Galaxy making almost every other media event in the nerd world fade away.

As for me, I couldn’t really think of anything. When it comes to the past year no matter how good or bad it was, I learned a ton from the bad stuff and I’m super grateful for the cool stuff. So in the end, to me at least, it was all good.

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