Motor Ctiy Comic Con 2018 – Days 1 and 2


Walking into Motor City Comic Con, one can be amazed by many things – a giant Thanos costume made out of balloons, Hawkgirl cosplay with functioning wings, Stephen Amell’s abs. But the most amazing aspect of Motor City Comic Con, and something I noticed more this year than any other, is that it is a safe place where nerds of all kinds can come and freely express who they are, who they want to be, and what they love. Comic conventions are about thousands of nerds saluting each other’s freak flags as we each fly ours high and proud.

I witnessed the perfect example of the open hearts and minds you can find in Motor City Comic Con when I saw a man dressed as Venom hot gluing the costume onto Bane. This is what comic con is all about. Two friends helping each other out. Come to find out, Bane didn’t even know Venom. They had just met! Yet there they are, tethered to a bathroom electrical socket, gluing plastic tubes. Two complete strangers brought together by their love and respect for dressing up like super-villains.

Another example of love and respect came at the booth of the recently departed Margot Kidder. There was a large print picture of Kidder that her fans could sign, a book to write a note in, and collections being taken for Kidder’s charity the Stafford Animal Shelter .

As I walked the aisles I couldn’t help but to notice all the words of affirmation. Every year I see more and more cross gender cosplay. Yes, some of it is just fun and silly – a bearded man as a princess or a young lady dressed as a female version of Loki. But I am certain that I met at least two genuine transgender cosplay costumes and I thought to myself that a comic convention is the perfect place for a person who might normally be scorned or mocked for being transgender not only to be accepted, but celebrated. Nerds are the best, and I walked the aisles feeling prouder than ever to be one.

Check out the awesome cosplay from both days below. My two favorites were the huge Groot and the Hawkgirl will fully functioning wings.

We had wonderful interviews with Cress Williams from Black Lightning, Kate Flannery, and Oscar Nunez from The Office. My favorite part was when Nunez passionately berated the politicians who continue to stay idle while our young people are being shot in their schools. There were two shootings in two days and he just couldn’t stay quiet about it. I couldn’t have been a bigger fan.

Cress Williams

Kate Flannery

Oscar Nunez

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