Cosplay Cutie of the Week! World of Warcraft Blood Elf

What's a Monday without Nerdlocker's Cosplay Cutie of the week? This week, from Germany, a World of Warcraft Blood Elf!


Happy Monday, Nerds! It’s time for this week’s Cosplay Cutie of the week! For the past couple of weeks all we’ve been talking about at Nerdlocker headquarters is the fact that Game of Thrones is back on the air. I’ve been looking for weeks to find somebody in some type of Game of Thrones cosplay, but unfortunately I have not found anything we could show on the site that wouldn’t earn you guys a trip to HR. So the next best thing is this week’s entry of a World of Warcraft Blood Elf by one of our fans waaaay out in Germany. Lena is a 23-year-old artist and gamer who happens to have a smoking hot body to boot. The one thing that really stood out for me on these picks were her ears. Weird, I know, but they look so real.

Blood Elf
World of Warcraft

Check out more of Lena on her Deviant Art page or on her website.

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I was born in Cleveland and raised in Los Angeles. Grew up with my face in a comic book and my head in the clouds. I have made many life decisions based on what would certain comic book or movie characters would do… this includes joining the United States Marines, getting into fights, starting random businesses and living in Japan for awhile. Some good decisions some bad, but all worth it.