Cosplay Cutie of the Week! Marvel Comics Lady Punisher – Lynn Michaels

Check out this week's Cosplay Cutie - the Female Punisher!


Good Morning Nerds! Now I may be showing my age but waaaaaay back in the day (mid ’90s) when Marvel was just getting it’s @$$ handed to itself by the onslaught of titles from Image, they decided to try a number of different things to boost sales. A few of the ideas where actually good in my opinion, titles like X-Men Age of Apocalypse and the introduction of heroes and villains like Deadpool, Domino and Omega Red. For the most part, unfortunately, many of the ideas where bad. Really bad. One such idea was the introduction of Lynn Michaels, the “Female Punisher.”

Unlike Frank’s current sidekick Rachel Cole-Alves, Lynn seemed to be thrown into the title for effect, hot but really didn’t do it for me story-wise. But there is hope, Nerds! My love of hot women in all things tight has enabled me to find a real-life Lynn Michaels! Thanks to the awesome snaps and artistic eye of Jeff Zoet, we have a female Punisher that I think any Nerd would want to have beat the crap out them. Just remember the safe word is “Microchip.”

Model: Alyssa Loughran
Snaps: Jeff Zoet
Marvel Comics Female Punisher – Lynn Michaels

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