Cosplay Cutie of the Week! DC Comics Wonder Woman

Ever wonder what makes the perfect cosplay? Check out this week's Cosplay Cutie to find out!


Happy Monday, Nerds! This week’s Cosplay Cutie is hands-down one of the best Wonder Woman I have ever seen. And trust me, I have been looking at half-naked women in spandex for a looooong time.

This week’s Cosplay Cutie features a 1-2 combo with pictures done by Nerdlocker friend Adam Jay and the beautiful Sarah Scott. Adam has been at this cosplay photography thing for some time now and you can defiantly see it in his work. From the lighting to the poses, he knows how to get that inner superhero out of his models. Maybe I can ask him to help me with my Nick Fury photo shoot… Speaking of models, the lovely Sarah Scott is the living embodiment of Diana.

Model: Sarah Scott / Costume: Hermes / Photographer: Adam Jay
DC Comics
Wonder Woman

Check out more of Adam Jay’s photos on his  Facebook page or on his website. Also check out Sarah’s Facebook page make sure you tell them Nerdlocker sent you!

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