Cosplay Cutie of the Week! DC Comics Super Girl

Super Girl saves the day! Well, at least she saves our Monday. Check out this week's Cosplay Cutie: Kara Zor-El!


It’s a DC kind of morning for me. Why, you ask? I just read on Gregg Capullo’s Deviantart page that he is wrapping up the final Batman “Court of Owls” issue! This story arc has to be one of my all time favorite and one of the most impactful stories in the Batman universe sense “Killing Joke.” Seeing the “Court of Owls” is such a dark story I wanted to start this week off with something a little lighter, a little more cheerful than Mr. Doom and Gloom with the pointy eared hat. So what’s more cheery than Clark’s Kryptonian cousin Kara!

This week’s Cosplay Cutie is Enji Night, a WOW-playing, comic-reading all around hotty from Hungary! Dressed as Super Girl, Enji is a perfect representation of the character in every way; not too hot and steamy to lose Kara’s overall innocence and playfulness and has the body to pull the costume off.

Enji Night / EnjiNight
DC Comics
Super Girl
Check out more of Enji on her Deviant Art page or on her Facebook page. Let us know what you think about Enji in the comments below!

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