Nerdlocker! – Grab Bag Thursday Contest! 3/24/11


Welcome to this week’s “Grab Bag Thursday“! Here’s how it works: we ask you, the reader, a question and the first person to answer it correctly wins a grab bag of 3 comics featured on the show! You must answer the question in the comments section of THIS post on, so comment below! This keeps everything fair by showcasing the time stamp of every comment.

This week’s question is: Marvel Studios recently announced Shane Black would direct Iron Man 3. This will be the second movie that Shane Black directs with Robert Downey Jr. What movie did they previously work on together and what year did it come out?

Remember, we are only taking the first correct answer.

The winner of today’s challenge will be exempt from entering a Grab Bag challenge with the next 30 days. (Just to be fair to everybody else)

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Robert Hester with the correct answer of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in 2005! Thank you all for playing. Check back next week when we give out more free stuff!