Rose City Comic Con (2017) Grows Bigger and Better


Comic conventions can be quite hectic place at times. Large crowds trying to see and do many things with everything going on at once. If not properly staffed and planned out things can get out of hand quickly. With Rose City Comic Con expanding to a third day in its sixth year, I was wondering if the convention would keep the great atmosphere I’ve experienced the previous two years. I’m happy to report that RCCC still has all the hallmarks that make it a fun and accessible convention for all. With Portland’s deep roots in the comic industry this is a convention that feels like it pushes comics first, while keeping a nice balance with the pop culture/celebrity focus that is fairly lopsided in bigger cons. A local feel that gives you room to breath when you’re trying to buy from a booth or get into that big panel. I hope they never lose this spirit as RCCC continues to grow. With that, here’s a quick recap of my time at Rose City Comic Con 2017.

Due to the ol’ day job I sadly was unable to attend the first Friday ever of RCCC. However, by all accounts the convention got started off just right with a good turnout. With this I was raring to go first thing Saturday and made it all about the con floor. There were a great mix of local vendors and exhibitors with some big names in the comics industry showing up as well. The cosplay this year was on another level and I saw some great use of props and costume making techniques.

Sunday started off bright and early as what could quite possibly be the biggest panel ever at RCCC was scheduled in the afternoon with Doctor Who’s Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie set to take the con through time and space. The first panel of the day was the always awesome Twisted Toonz, table reads of movies in famous animated voices by the voice actors who originated them. This year’s film was The Breakfast Club and it did not disappoint. Some of the highlights were Troy Baker doing an increasingly laid back Matthew McConaughey until he fell out of his chair and hearing  SpongeBob SquarePants using some salty language voiced by Tom Kenny. The Twisted Toonz are a must see panel at any convention they perform at and while they may be a little more on the R-rated side, hearing some of these iconic voices performed live will bring an instant smile to your face.

Next up was one of the stars of AMC’s Comic Book Men, Ming Chen. The comic book store focused show is a nice mix of a nerdy Pawnstars meets Kevin Smith Podcast and Chen is one of the more approachable personalities on the show. His panel was funny and it was interesting to learn more about how he got to where he is today.

As someone that slept outside overnight on the concrete dock of the San Diego Convention Center for multiple Matt Smith lead Doctor Who panels I was beyond thrilled to see that the current Doctor and companion would be coming to Portland. They were both as wonderful as one would hope. Making the capacity crowd laugh while remembering some of the great moments Capaldi’s Doctor has had these past few seasons. Their chemistry was great and it’s a shame the Pearl Mackie’s Bill only got to spend one season with the Doctor before he regenerates again this Christmas. Although the next Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, was given a great endorsement from Capaldi himself when asked by a young fan who his favorite Doctor was.

And in what seemed like no time the panel was over and everyone was left waiting until the Christmas Special to see Capaldi and Mackie one last time as the Doctor and Bill. After more laps around the con floor my time at Rose City Comic Con 2017 was also wrapped up. I can’t wait to see what bigger and better things RCCC 2018 has in store.

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