Preparing the Essential Con Bag for ECCC



With the first day of Emerald City Comic Con getting under way today, many nerds from around the country see their days or even months of planning for the convention coming to fruition. While some are forced to wait until the weekend to hit the Con, others have carefully packed all the gear they need to hit the floor running (please don’t actually run on the convention floor).

I’m one to plan months in advance for a convention like SDCC. Luckily that preparation stays with you and I didn’t have to think much about my essential con items when making the last minute decision to attend ECCC this weekend.


Here’s what I always take in my con bag:

1. You’ve got to find the right bag before going into a con and everyone has their preferences. For me it’s a rugged shoulder bag with many compartments and space for any pins that catch my eye.

2. For poster collectors, coming to a convention without a good poster tube is like coming to school without pants. This particular tube will get its christening at ECCC and I hope to fill it with some sweet ink at the Mondo booth.

3. You’ve got to conserve battery life at conventions, so when those long lines start piling up I pull out the old iPad and read a comic instead of checking Facebook. You’ll be thankful you did save some juice at the end of the day when trying to find where the best hangout spot it after the floor closes.

4. The chances for autographs are very good at a convention. I like to bring an instrument for any possibility so I’m ready to get that poster (pencil) or toy (sharpie) signed.

5. Four days doesn’t seem like much, but after the 2nd day you’ll be wishing you had a masseuse on call. My backup plan is a good bottle of ibuprofen.

6. Art is everywhere at a convention and sometimes the best art is on a smaller scale, so I like to bring a small foam core flat file for those pieces that are just too small for my poster tube.

Now before you say anything, I know I left out snacks in this picture. They’re a must have for any budget and/or health conscious nerd’s bag during a con. While I like to be prepared sometimes things get left to the last minute.

What would you say is essential in your con bag?

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